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Fabulous; wonderful.
  1. 'Be the next best version of you so you can feel fab.'
  2. 'A part of the campaign will also involve exciting offers in which customers can win fab gifts through scratch cards at all outlets running the contest.'
  3. 'They may be fab shoes, dear, but they don't go with what you're wearing.'
  4. 'We've come up with some simple ways for you to feel fab.'
  5. 'And they've got some fab postcards you can send to all your friends.'
  6. 'The weather was fab all weekend too which was a treat!'
  7. 'It was fab, if a little over-the-top for a dessert.'
  8. 'They are all fab presenters with their own individual personalities.'
  9. 'As well as a forest of new skyscrapers, it is also home to hip boutiques, fab hotels, delicious restaurants and unforgettable sights.'
  10. 'Not only that, but I'm sure he looks just fab in those black leather pants.'


A microchip manufacturing plant.
  1. '‘Capacity now coming online from fifth-generation LCD fabs [fabrication plants] is being sucked up in a perfect storm of panel demand,’ said Alexander.'
  2. 'Wang's son, Wang Wen-yang, for example, is in the process of establishing an 8-inch wafer fab in Shanghai.'
  3. 'Foundry chipmakers build and operate immense semiconductor fabs to make chips designed by customers.'
  4. 'That volume was never going to come back to the point where it filled the Zurich fab.'
  5. 'Cells will be manufactured at IBM's 300 mm fab in East Fishkill, NY and Sony's Nagasaki plant.'
  6. 'Prototype immersion tools are beginning to arrive in advanced manufacturing fabs.'
  7. 'The spokesman said the company was in the process of kitting out fabs in New Mexico and Oregon in the US, as well as Ireland.'
  8. 'But investors would be limited to setting up eight-inch fabs in China that use an etching process of 0.25 microns or larger.'
  9. 'Barrett's meeting with Hu had led to widespread speculation that the world's biggest chip maker was preparing to soften its stance and join the growing line of overseas chip makers setting up fabs in China.'
  10. 'it can only be made using five-layer fabs'
  11. 'That chipset is about to go to fab [i.e., into fabrication] in the first calendar quarter of 2001.'
  12. 'Although the first of these chips was based on the 0.13 micron fab process, there was not much to differentiate between the two.'


Produce (a microchip).
  1. 'Both consoles' CPUs are expected to be fabbed at 65 nm.'
  2. 'The part - which will be fabbed at 90 nm - will finally bring the Pentium 4's 800MHz frontside bus to the two-way server platform.'
  3. 'The part will be fabbed at 0.18 micron and support AGP 1x, 2x and 4x.'
  4. 'That part, also known as the R430, is fabbed at 110 nm.'
  5. 'The 100 million transistor dies will be fabbed at 90 nm.'
  6. 'Available now, the KT266 is fabbed at 0.25 micron.'
  7. 'Like the R200, the R300 will be fabbed at 0.15 micron.'
  8. 'Burns confirmed that the EE is not fabbed at 90 nm - so it's a 130 nm part.'


1. fabulous (def 2).

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"plants can be fab."

"nets can be fab."

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1960s: abbreviation.


the Fab Four