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Each of a pair of globular organs of sight in the head of humans and vertebrate animals.
  1. 'closing her eyes, she tried to relax'
  2. 'Abnormal copper deposition also occurs in the basal ganglia and eyes.'
  3. 'Glaucoma is a group of diseases that can lead to damage to the eye's optic nerve and result in blindness.'
  4. 'Glaucoma is a disease in which pressure in the eye slowly damages the optic nerve.'
  5. 'The system's light source is invisible to the human eye, thus increasing operator comfort.'
  6. 'Before closing my eyes I catch sight of a notice posted on the dormitory door.'
  7. 'Eight of the eye injuries were caused by the stick, two by body contact, and two from fighting.'
  8. 'It is a disease of small blood vessels in the retina of the eye.'
  9. 'Hold the mirrors of the homemade apparatus close to the eyes and see the left eye in the right mirror and vice versa.'
  10. 'This is beyond the capacity of the human eye, which may explain why so many offside decisions are controversial'
  11. 'The lens of the human eye is a stiff gel of transparent protein, inside an elastic capsule.'
  12. 'Daphnia magna has a light-sensitive eye, meaning that the eye will track a moving light source.'
  13. 'We know the first animal to have an eye was a trilobite that was a predator as well.'
  14. 'She was still trying to hide her face, for her eyes were red and swollen from all the crying.'
  15. 'He saw her sitting at her desk with a blank face hands folded on her lap, and her eyes swollen red.'
  16. 'Ethan went wide eyed her left eye swollen and bleeding just above her brow.'
  17. 'He suffered a fractured nose, fractured cheekbone, swelling to his right eye and he had to get stitches to his inner lip.'
  18. 'On another occasion, when I looked into the mirror, my right eye was swollen shut.'
  19. 'By then tears were already soaking into her skin and her eyes were a bit swollen.'
  20. 'Sandrine noticed that the girl's eyes were red and swollen, as if she'd been crying.'
  21. 'By the middle rounds the boxer's punches had opened a cut above his opponent's right eye while his left eye was also swollen.'
  22. 'The children were constantly coughing, had runny noses, and their eyes would swell up.'
  23. 'There was a gash under her left eye that had swollen and bruised her eye.'
  24. 'his sharp eyes had missed nothing'
  25. 'When he is onscreen, your eye stays with him, oblivious to the mise en scene.'
  26. 'Tearing my eyes away from this vision of male pulchritude, I notice yet another Gable.'
  27. 'She was examining the peaches carefully, one eye for a good peach, the other on the bad daughter.'
  28. 'The caisson is made of wood, but looks so shinny and smooth to the untrained eye it looks like metal.'
  29. 'With an intense eye, he gazes like a spirit guardian, across the valley to the ruins of Runku Raqay, an old Inca outpost.'
  30. 'Even a lowly salad fork that needs lining up does not escape David's sharp eye.'
  31. 'Even a Reading shopping centre can hold the eye when its glass facade and the canal's surface mirror each other.'
  32. 'Aaron had fixed his eyes on my position, though I doubt he could see me in the darkness.'
  33. 'There will be eager eyes to spot the errant hen's nests and collect the eggs as well as help with the usual chores.'
  34. 'Her piercing grey eyes darted about the room, still in search for a seat.'
  35. 'to European eyes, it may seem that the city is overcrowded'
  36. 'The problem is that today the credibility of the criminal justice system is very low in the eyes of the public.'
  37. 'Internal working models of the self are opinions about how one is viewed in the eyes of others.'
  38. 'I share Mr Clarke's concern that the opinion of the electorate counts for nothing in the eyes of the elected.'
  39. 'For it is in the essence of his behaviour that he should be eccentric, unconventional and rash in the eyes of public opinion.'
  40. 'How could I tell him all of this without losing even more standing in the eyes of my father?'
  41. 'Such attempts at manipulating the news have already backfired in the eyes of the public.'
  42. 'It needs to enjoy strong authority in the eyes of both political players and the public.'
  43. 'I have the experience but that stands for nothing in the eyes of the law.'
  44. 'German law decreed that as soon as you crossed the border you lost your nationality, but in the eyes of the British he was still a German.'
  45. 'We can never see her except through the eyes of the white men who described her.'
  46. 'Travellers were left feeling important in the eyes of our national carrier.'
A thing resembling an eye in appearance, shape, or relative position.
  1. 'All I do is reverse the direction of the hair, so that it faces up towards the eye of the hook.'
  2. 'Now simply attach the lower hook by passing the loop through the eye and bring back underneath the hook and tighten.'
  3. 'Wind the wool back to the hook bend and then back up to behind the hook eye.'
  4. 'In that box are six infrared eyes logging the position of your features so it can build up a picture of your mug.'
  5. 'Place a length of nylon in the path of the whipping silk so that the loop is facing the eye in the ring.'
  6. 'Although if that's a single eye in the centre pyramid of the crown it may be a few other things…'
  7. 'It is pleased when others look at the eyes on its tail feathers; it pulls them all together in a cluster for this purpose.'
  8. 'Chestnut eyes spotted her trademark wings and he carefully made his way over to her.'
  9. 'However, as we've just said, roots don't have buds, and that's exactly what you see sprouting on the potato, arising from the potato's eyes.'
  10. 'delicate flowers of light blue colour, with white or yellow eyes'
  11. 'Each eye forms a cluster of roots, and furnishes a very fine stock, which is taken up after winter.'
  12. 'the smaller the eye, the more intense the winds'
  13. 'But we were in the eye of the hurricane all the way across.'
  14. 'You can see very distinctly on the satellite picture the eye of the hurricane right there as it continues to move very close now to the coast.'
  15. 'The eye of the storm was officially recorded as striking the tiny town of Buras, about 40 miles south-east of New Orleans, with 145 mph winds at daybreak.'
  16. 'Silver iodide flares would be dropped into the eye of the hurricane.'
  17. 'The eye of the storm is expected to hit Puerto Rico later today.'
  18. 'That's on these outer rain bands, well in advance of the eye of the hurricane.'
  19. 'Why can't we come up with solutions to try and disrupt the eye of the hurricane somehow?'
  20. 'The eye of the storm is always said to be a place of calm.'
  21. 'While the eye of the hurricane didn't cross Jamaica, the extensive rain caused widespread flooding, especially in the hillier regions.'
  22. 'This is fairly far north of where the eye of the hurricane is going to hit but just five minutes ago I measured the winds that we're getting here.'
  23. 'Passengers are normally allowed into the "eyes" of the ship and this will give you an unrestricted view ahead.'
The small hole in a needle through which the thread is passed.
  1. 'Use a good thread and make sure the needle eye is large enough for the thread type.'
  2. 'If the eye of the needle is too small for the thread to pass through, the thread will shred.'
  3. 'A slot on one side allows the thread to slide into the eye of this general-purpose needle.'
  4. 'The scarf's purpose is to allow the bobbin case hook to get close to the needle eye and catch the thread to form a stitch.'
  5. 'The need to match hook size to line diameter is less of a problem with eyes hooks as the knot has more metal to stop it coming loose.'
  6. 'Secondly, the hook can be fastened with a loop so that the lask end of the strip can be trapped against the eye of the hook with the loop.'
  7. 'Rope splicing is a very strong method of fixing a loop eye or joining two ends together.'
  8. 'The double overhand knot is tied through the eye of the hook and of the swivel, then secured with either a single or double crimp.'
The source of a spring or river.
  1. 'Later that year, after an earthquake, a new spring eye burst open, bringing to the surface fossils and stone tools.'


Look at closely or with interest.
  1. 'My mother appeared in the doorway, calm and collected as usual, except she was impatiently eying my clock.'
  2. 'They both stood silent then, eying each other warily.'
  3. 'As it poured incessantly out of him, he noticed a bull across the field eyeing him interestingly.'
  4. 'Still, he looked like he would be nice enough, even with the way he was eying her warily.'
  5. 'Selby are eying the chance of ending York's 13-year stranglehold on the local game when the two sides meet next Saturday.'
  6. 'She kept eying the rear view mirror where she had a good look at Chris, losing to himself in a thumb war.'
  7. 'Certainly, there are a couple of England players who may be eyeing that announcement with some uncertainty.'
  8. 'My eyes fell upon my cat which was still eyeing my brother with the utmost interest.'
  9. 'Guns make me very nervous and I'd stand brewing the tea and eying the gun over the cupboard warily.'
  10. 'Investigators say he was also eying Heathrow Airport in London.'
  11. 'Margot saw the women eyeing up her boyfriend'
  12. 'I paused to watch, and a few minutes later, several monkeys emerged from the dense forest and came to sit on a piece of dead wood jutting into the water, eyeing me up inquisitively.'
  13. 'But inside I spotted a woman eyeing me up and we ended up in a clinch as my husband watched.'
  14. 'I was there one night with my friend Tracy, we were a bit of an icon in those days, and Dave and his mate were eyeing us up, but we both fancied his friend.'
  15. 'One of the captains looked sharply at him, eyeing him up.'
  16. 'But these two guys on motorbikes were eyeing us up and the next thing we knew they were off their bikes and started slashing us.'

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1. the organ of sight, in vertebrates typically one of a pair of spherical bodies contained in an orbit of the skull and in humans appearing externally as a dense, white, curved membrane, or sclera, surrounding a circular, colored portion, or iris, that is covered by a clear, curved membrane, or cornea, and in the center of which is an opening, or pupil, through which light passes to the retina.

2. the aggregate of structures situated within or near th

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