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Added to an existing or usual amount or number.
  1. 'a lot of extra work is involved'
  2. 'However, the deal stipulates they cannot take the payout and bring separate proceedings for an extra amount.'
  3. 'An eloquent minister, at either level, could expect to win an extra amount in budget discussions.'
  4. 'Many firms will pay a death-in-service benefit of about four times salary to dependants, which will cut the amount of extra life cover you need.'
  5. 'There is the normal amount of extra traffic here at rush hour.'
  6. 'You will also be able to buy amounts of extra pension.'
  7. 'If the council is going to stick to this plan it is essential it accepts a small amount of extra waste properly bagged and placed alongside the grey bin.'
  8. 'Fishermen who want to trade up and buy a bigger boat usually scrap their existing vessel and buy extra tonnage from the market.'
  9. 'From the traffic point of view I wouldn't think that the small amount of extra traffic generated from the number of units planned is a great concern.'
  10. 'There was no traffic-flow study or any analysis of environmental impact of the extra traffic on the existing users of the Fulford Road.'
  11. 'If it doesn't involve me personally receiving a large amount of extra cash each month, then frankly I'm not interested.'


To a greater extent than usual; especially.
  1. 'Make the holidays extra special for those on your gift list by sending them a polar bear or snowy owl gift adoption today.'
  2. 'To make this an extra special night out a complimentary glass of mulled wine and a mince pie will be served!'
  3. 'You're the one who always comes up with that extra cool, extra special way of doing any project.'
  4. 'So we must make an extra special effort this year and see if we can win it outright!'
  5. 'They have issued a warning to people to be extra vigilant especially as the dark winter evenings set in.'
  6. 'The money raised will go to try and make an extra special Christmas for his three young children.'
  7. 'When the cheers go up in Carlow on Sunday, let's hear an extra special one for the mums.'
  8. 'I also resolve to read the Guardian extra hard when I get home.'
  9. 'Local people are being asked to make an extra special effort to give blood on the day.'
  10. 'Two hours later, Mother would have a start on the dinner, an extra special dinner judging by the smell.'
In addition.
  1. 'The difference in the charges would be 60p extra for a two to three hour stay and 80p for a three to four hour stay.'
  2. 'The 10 extra we reported last week are in addition to this figure.'
  3. 'This is despite the fact that cinema owners are notorious for charging at least Rs.10 extra on the ticket price.'
  4. 'As well as the weekly hotel costs, everything else costs extra.'
  5. 'I went to Walt and said, I'd to play that part, too and I won't charge you a nickel extra.'
  6. 'And apparently those that are improving their parking situation, are going to charge extra for it.'
  7. 'The dealer told me they would be glad to, but it would cost several hundred dollars extra.'
  8. 'It will cost about £25,000 extra a month to keep airborne and all the money is raised by public donations.'
  9. 'Some boats make an additional charge for all pre-packaged drinks, whereas others charge extra only for alcoholic tipples.'
  10. 'A cassette player is considered an option and costs extra.'


An item in addition to what is usual or strictly necessary.
  1. 'For completists, the revealing extras include new amateur footage, the highlight being a previously unheard song.'
  2. 'My only real complaint with this disc is the complete lack of extras.'
  3. 'It is a shame, however, that it did not invest more time on the accompanying extras.'
  4. 'Apart from video projection, you won't see the kind of extras that accompanied Sinha's earlier work, such as on-stage musicians or props.'
  5. 'A few hours later she drove away in her vehicle of choice - purchased on her terms, with no expensive extras or add-ons.'
  6. 'It will take you a long time to work your way through the extensive extras.'
  7. 'Personally, I'd like to see a box set of all three games hit the shelves complete with some extras and fancy artwork.'
  8. 'At least we have these disks to remember the show by, complemented by extras that demonstrate the passion and commitment that went into the show.'
  9. 'The extras included are quite extensive for a non-modular power supply and come in their own separate box.'
  10. 'Second line gear are necessary extras that are included in load bearing equipment or tactical vests.'
  11. 'the price includes all major charges—there are no hidden extras'
  12. 'As well as shipping costs, check for hidden extras such as courier handling charges.'
  13. 'That's to say, there's an overall charge but absolutely no extras, whatever you do, whatever you eat or drink.'
  14. 'Any extra that the doctor charges is the gap fee and the patient has to pay it.'
  15. 'There are no buyer's premiums at fairs and no hidden extras.'
  16. 'And budgeting for hidden extras as well as day-to-day expenses can be quite tough.'
  17. 'Why not a booklet listing all the extras available and the charge for each?'
  18. 'Though hired as extras on the film, they're still living on the streets, around places like this in downtown Cape Town.'
  19. 'However, what they need now is actors to fill the major parts and to act as extras to fill out the crowd scenes.'
  20. 'Film and TV extras or background artistes (supporting artistes, as they are sometimes known) are a strange lot.'
  21. 'He was known for his temper tantrums, raging over such things as inauthentic headdresses for a film's extras.'
  22. 'Last night while I was waiting to get let into dinner, two extras from the short film that's being shot on campus were there, killing time and shooting the breeze.'
  23. 'TV, where football gets most of its money, regards supporters as extras on a film set in that full grounds are needed to create the atmosphere which makes the game a spectacle.'
  24. 'Between them they portray a host of colourful characters in a small Irish village all wanting to be extras in a Hollywood film.'
  25. 'Together they agreed on casting black extras in crowd scenes and in a wider range of roles while refraining from pejorative humor.'
  26. 'This wasn't released until 1954, as after the war Riefenstahl was accused of being a Nazi sympathiser and of using concentration camp inmates as extras for the film.'
  27. 'All the world's a stage and if you want to play your part on the big screen, then there's a new way to get there, thanks to the first Irish casting agency for film extras.'
  28. 'However, with 5 dropped catches and 30 extras all was not necessarily well with the Windies.'
  29. 'The batsmen were also helped by some wayward bowling with 61 extras, including 40 wides, being conceded.'
  30. 'Was England's total at Kingston the highest in which the highest score came from extras?'
  31. 'The last time The Chronicle published an extra was Feb. 1, 2003, when the Columbia space shuttle disintegrated over East Texas.'
  32. 'Yes, it was a sprint on the first day to produce two extras and then the Sunday newspaper but this story will be with us for months and we have to respond accordingly.'


1. beyond or more than what is usual, expected, or necessary; additional: an extra copy of a newspaper; an extra charge.

2. larger or better than what is usual: an extra binding. noun

3. something extra or additional: the little amenities and extras that make life pleasant.

4. an additional expense.

5. a special edition of a newspaper, other than a regular edition.

6. something of superior quality.

7. Movies, Television. a person hired by the day to play a minor part, as

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"purchases can be extra to barrels."

"cargoes can be extra to contracts."

"vendors can be extra in/at/on years."

"people can be extra in/at/on hours."

"opportunities can be extra in/at/on hours."

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Mid 17th century (as an adjective): probably a shortening of extraordinary, suggested by similar forms in French and German.