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Having or showing an excited feeling that something is about to happen, especially something good.
  1. 'The priests and the policemen stopped before the crowd of expectant men and surveyed them, as they did every morning.'
  2. 'When our star takes the stage, he's greeted by an expectant hush.'
  3. 'The big moment arrived, as Santa was heralded into the room and conducted a sing-along with all the expectant wide-eyed crowd.'
  4. 'If I was a best selling author about to pass such tripe off on my breathlessly expectant readers, I'd have been right there with her.'
  5. 'The silence was reverent, expectant, verging on anxious.'
  6. 'Just don't tell him he's going out to face the world champions in front of an expectant home crowd in half an hour.'
  7. 'Knowing he was about to appear, an expectant hush fell over the huge crowd around the green.'
  8. 'The same holds true onstage, where she entertained large crowds of expectant fans during a month-long, consistently sold-out U.S. tour.'
  9. 'There was an expectant buzz from the crowd whenever he was in possession and he was desperately close to scoring earlier, with what would have been a magnificent goal midway through the first half.'
  10. 'Sunday saw an expectant and knowledgeable crowd turn up for what was some of the best bowling seen for a long time.'
  11. 'an expectant mother'
  12. 'The expectant father is due to leave for home tomorrow and he's only hoping his beloved wife Marie can hold out on delivering their third child until then.'
  13. 'Now I am on tenterhooks and pacing the ops block like an expectant father.'
  14. 'You might not be planning another baby just yet, but discovering a company's attitude to pregnant employees and expectant fathers will give you an insight into its general views on parenting.'
  15. 'Expectant mums can expect the skin all over their body to change.'
  16. 'Expectant mums will continue to have their babies at hospitals near to their homes.'
  17. 'For more than ten years, I have been helping expectant families prepare for birth and early parenting.'
  18. 'I am appalled by parents that smoke around their children, and even more so by mothers that smoke during pregnancy, and fathers that smoke around the expectant mothers.'
  19. '"It is vital that expectant mothers do not try to treat themselves with oils.'
  20. 'The survey also showed that 35% of expectant mothers admired celebrities who wore tight tops during pregnancy.'
  21. 'The expectant father stopped to say a quick prayer before boarding a helicopter for the first time.'


A person who anticipates receiving something, especially high office.
  1. 'There are always at this city a large number of expectants of office of high grade awaiting their actual appointments.'
  2. 'Public Dinners and Gold Watches given by never so many expectants for Office, will never elevate him any higher.'


1. having expectations; expecting: an excited, expectant audience.

2. pregnant; expecting: an expectant mother.

3. characterized by expectations: an expectant attitude.

4. in expectation; expected; prospective: an expectant fortune. noun

5. a person who expects or who waits in expectation.

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"mothers can be expectant."

"crowds can be expectant."

"nations can be expectant."

"mumses can be expectant."

"moods can be expectant."

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Late Middle English: from Latin exspectant- ‘expecting’, from the verb exspectare (see expect).