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Making one feel very tired; very tiring.
  1. 'It is exhausting climbing into the cockpit, which in the Louisiana sub-tropical humidity is like a heated oven.'
  2. 'In retrospect, the hunting expedition was not even physically exhausting.'
  3. 'I can assure you our jobs are a lot more strenuous and mentally exhausting than you would ever consider.'
  4. 'Conducting oral history interviews can be both exhilarating and exhausting.'
  5. 'Honestly, this constant social intercourse is just exhausting.'
  6. 'Sitting still in a make-up chair for four hours can be surprisingly exhausting.'
  7. 'At times, remaining patient during the slow build-out of that infrastructure was exhausting.'
  8. 'Classroom instruction, role-playing, uniform fitting, testing - it was all quite exhausting.'
  9. 'The trouble with chasing Federer is that it is exhausting.'
  10. 'Her private life is nothing short of exhausting to observe.'


1. producing or tending to produce fatigue, weariness, or the like: an exhausting day; an exhausting child.

More examples(as adjective)

"roarings can be exhausting for animals."

"days can be exhausting."

"processes can be exhausting."

"experiences can be exhausting."

"seasons can be exhausting."

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