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Very tired.
  1. 'I will not ignore the messenger that stumbles in exhausted and obviously agitated.'
  2. 'They ran as far as they could, before they collapsed onto the field and panted like exhausted dogs.'
  3. 'After about three hours of walking we arrived, exhausted and thirsty, to one of the most breathtaking sights I've ever seen.'
  4. 'Here the survival of young children and exhausted parents often cannot wait for the ANC government's policy of long-term delivery of growth and employment.'
  5. 'Young people you'd see in a bar, in a club, on the beach and not realise they were part of an exhausted dedicated team of Doctors and Nurses who were on Cardiac call eighteen hours a day.'
  6. 'At 10.30 pm, some ten and a half hours after first hooking the salmon and in complete darkness, the exhausted angler felt that the fish was finally tiring.'
  7. 'I think I'm more exhausted than Zoe is and I'm looking forward to getting on the plane home, but it's difficult not to feel a shiver of childlike delight in the magic of it all.'
  8. 'As he slept, exhausted prisoners lying alongside him fought for breath and invariably by morning, some had died.'
  9. 'Think of the exhausted nurse working long hours in unacceptable conditions dealing with angry and often confused patients.'
  10. 'I went to bed at about 1.00 am, exhausted and craving sleep.'
(of resources or reserves) completely used up.
  1. 'And by 1947 Europe had largely exhausted its dollar reserves.'
  2. 'Reserve replacement may sound a bit arcane, but it's a basic measurement of how well an oil company is safeguarding its future by finding new oilfields to replace its exhausted ones.'
  3. 'He stressed it was vital to avoid repeating the Canadian experience when years of overfishing exhausted cod stocks in the Grand Banks off Newfoundland.'
  4. 'But how could Germany be defended when its reserves of fighting men were almost exhausted?'
  5. 'We thank the exhausted earth for bearing our weight and for tolerating the assault we have put her through.'
  6. 'The industry has so far proved adept at making new discoveries to replace exhausted oil and gas fields.'
  7. 'Charles II, considering it hopeless to continue the war in an impoverished and exhausted land, led a Scots royalist army into England.'


1. to drain of strength or energy, wear out, or fatigue greatly, as a person: I have exhausted myself working.

2. to use up or consume completely; expend the whole of: He exhausted a fortune in stock-market speculation.

3. to draw out all that is essential in (a subject, topic, etc.); treat or study thoroughly.

4. to empty by drawing out the contents: to exhaust a tank of fuel oil.

5. to create a vacuum in.

6. to draw out or drain off completely.

7. to dep

More examples(as adjective)

"squids can be exhausted by acts."

"singers can be exhausted after tours."

"sides can be exhausted to menaces."

"servants can be exhausted of arguments."

"people can be exhausted in/at/on times."

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