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Tending to avoid commitment or self-revelation, especially by responding only indirectly.
  1. 'He was boring, which is fine, but more seriously, he didn't know what he was talking about and he gave evasive answers.'
  2. 'He is evasive and answers the most simple questions with long winded often irrelevant explanations.'
  3. 'Regulations that limit choice or impose costs on people invite evasive responses as much as compliant ones, sometimes more so.'
  4. 'Why will nobody answer her phone calls, and what has the evasive photographer Bruno got to hide?'
  5. 'After a few months of evasive answers, they had all but given up.'
  6. 'If this seems frustratingly elusive or evasive, remember the truth is always relative'
  7. 'The same evasive response comes from the authorities nearer the ground.'
  8. 'If this week's world appears frustratingly elusive or evasive, you're not wrong.'
  9. 'My evasive answer didn't seem to satisfy him and he kept his grip on my arm.'
  10. 'Failure to answer, or providing evasive answers will count against the employer in a tribunal.'
  11. 'they decided to take evasive action'
  12. 'Some cars were forced to take evasive action and swerve.'
  13. 'The first pitch comes in high forcing Roberts to take evasive action.'
  14. 'The aim is for them to see you and to take evasive action.'
  15. 'That gave very little time for either driver to take evasive action.'
  16. 'On two occasions in the past fortnight I have had to take evasive action when children have either walked or run straight out in front of my car at the top of Kingshill.'
  17. 'The defendant tried to take evasive action, but lost control.'
  18. 'He was also oblivious to the fact other drivers took evasive action to avoid colliding with the rear of his slowly moving vehicle.'
  19. 'Being able to execute a number of evasive moves helps a lot in avoiding death.'
  20. 'I managed to take evasive action, hit the accelerator hard and got well ahead of him, out of harm's reach.'
  21. 'In the pursuit of this aim several attempts have to be made, which results in the surrounding traffic having to take evasive action.'


1. tending or seeking to evade; characterized by evasion: an evasive answer.

2. elusive or evanescent.

More examples(as adjective)

"victors can be evasive at times."

"sennas can be evasive over plans."

"people can be evasive in/at/on years."

"people can be evasive over things."

"people can be evasive on subjects."

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Early 18th century: from Latin evas- ‘evaded’ (from the verb evadere) + -ive.