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A native or inhabitant of Ethiopia, or a person of Ethiopian descent.
  1. 'Amhara and other Ethiopians are prime marathon runners because the high altitude prepares them well for competition in other countries.'
  2. 'For Ethiopians, the national sport has been the marathon ever since Abebe Bikila ran barefoot under torchlight to the Olympic gold medal in Rome 44 years ago.'
  3. 'Americans, Russians, Europeans, Asians and Ethiopians are all part of the Jewish people.'
  4. 'In 1941, he put this into practice by organizing Somalis and Ethiopians to fight against the Italian occupiers in Abyssinia, in order to restore Emperor Haile Selassie as ruler.'
  5. 'The Ethiopians believe that they are descended from a child born to King Solomon and Queen Bilqis.'
  6. 'Fish is also eaten, though it is not a popular dish among the native Ethiopians.'
  7. 'However, the United Nation's World Food Programme says that with nine million Ethiopians in need of food aid and rains in the country becoming ever more unreliable, the talking should not go on too long.'
A black person.
  1. 'Jeremiah asks a burning question, ‘Can the Ethiopian change the color of his skin or a leopard its spots?’'


Relating to Ethiopia or its people.
  1. 'At the height of the Ethiopia famine in 1984, her work in publicising the suffering of the Ethiopian people enabled the Church in Britain to raise £4.75 million for the emergency.'
  2. 'With that rich history comes the celebration of Christmas unique to Ethiopian Christians, who make up about 40 percent of the country's population.'
  3. 'Originally aiming to raise a conservative £1 million for the Ethiopian cause, Live Aid finished up as an unbelievable success, reaching 150 times the initial target.'
  4. 'On Tuesday 24 August the event focuses on Ethiopian writers such as Shantam Shubisa, who is also an internationally recognised singer from the Oromo tribe in Ethiopia.'
  5. 'When the Ethiopian team returned from last year's Sydney Games with a haul of four gold medals, more than one million people crammed into the square to congratulate them and join in the celebrations.'
  6. 'Djibouti, which has a good natural harbor and ready access to the Ethiopian highlands, attracted trade caravans crossing East Africa as well as Somali settlers from the south.'
  7. 'When the aid agency and the Ethiopian government fell out badly over the delivery of food to Eritrea James was sent in to sort the situation.'
  8. 'It's against this backdrop that the Ethiopian government is now appealing for $320 million to feed the hungry and care for the most vulnerable of its citizens.'
  9. 'But, in September, the Ethiopian government rejected the commission's ruling, mainly because it attributed the highly symbolic border village of Badme to Eritrea.'
  10. 'He was already in a thoughtful, if not doleful, frame of mind when images from the 1984 Ethiopian famine flashed across his television screen and propelled him back to the world stage.'
Relating to or denoting a zoogeographical region comprising Africa south of the Sahara, together with the tropical part of the Arabian peninsula and (usually) Madagascar. Distinctive animals include the giraffes, hippopotamuses, aardvark, elephant shrews, tenrecs, and lemurs.
  1. 'Close monitoring and rapid, targeted vaccinations may be the best way to protect the Ethiopian wolf, the world's rarest canine, against extinction.'
  2. 'A single specimen of the Ethiopian water mouse, found near the source of the Little Abbai river, a tributary of the Blue Nile, has led to it being included on the Red List for the first time.'
  3. 'There are three easy-to-see, endemic, large mammals: the mountain nyala, Ethiopian wolf and gelada baboon.'


1. of or relating to Ethiopia or to its inhabitants.

2. belonging to the part of Africa south of the equator.

3. Zoogeography. belonging to a geographical division comprising Africa south of the tropic of Cancer, the southern part of the Arabian Peninsula, and Madagascar.

4. Archaic. black African. noun

5. a native of Ethiopia.

6. a member of any of various supposedly dark-skinned peoples regarded by the ancients as coming from a country lying south of Egypt.

7. Archaic. a

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