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(of a person) no longer close or affectionate to someone; alienated.
  1. 'her estranged father'
  2. 'Sylvia's estranged husband Tom finds out about the twins by walking in on Sylvia's prenatal exam.'
  3. 'When his daughter Josie was still an infant, his estranged wife, Jill, disappeared.'
  4. 'During one of these trips, he met Fanny Obsbourne, an American, ten years his senior, with two children and an estranged husband.'
  5. 'Talley doesn't really want to deal with this kind of thing, but he doesn't have much choice when the bad guys reveal that they've kidnapped his estranged wife and daughter.'
  6. 'Samuel L. Jackson, meanwhile, plays Doyle Gipson, a recovering alcoholic in a child custody dispute with his estranged wife.'
  7. 'And why would his estranged wife and son come all the way from France to do that?'
  8. 'Three years later, waiting on their impending divorce proceeding, the estranged couple wondered what went wrong.'
  9. 'If a woman says her estranged husband molested their daughter, is she merely trying to prejudice the family court regarding custody?'
  10. 'his estranged wife'


1. displaying or evincing a feeling of alienation; alienated.

More examples(as adjective)

"people can be estranged from fathers."

"people can be estranged from families."

"people can be estranged from daughters."

"particulars can be estranged of attempts."

"particulars can be estranged from views."

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