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Worthy of great respect.
  1. 'But the thought recurs that his brother, Martin, attained an estimable eighth place in the men's downhill at the same venue in 1988.'
  2. 'The estimable Frank Field, given the task of reforming welfare by the prime minister, argued strongly against any extension of means-testing.'
  3. 'There are, in fact, too many estimable restaurants in Moscow & St. Petersburg for me to say that I've eaten at them all and produced the definitive listing.'
  4. 'If not you, then your estimable apprentice can do the research.'
  5. 'There was also a certain amount of reading, but less than anticipated, as Michael Bywater's estimable little tome ‘Lost Worlds’ served to keep me company all week.'
  6. 'They set out an estimable tuna salad perked up with toasted pine nuts.'
  7. 'Many estimable individuals have lined up behind the notion that we live in a post-copyright age.'
  8. 'Maureen was a very estimable lady whose outgoing, sincere nature and great depth of human kindness marked her out as a true Christian and an excellent, thoughtful neighbour.'
  9. 'That it has been achieved so smoothly says much about the consummate skill of Sarah Munro, the gallery's estimable and committed director.'
  10. 'The estimable John O'Sullivan thinks he'll survive, if barely.'


1. worthy of esteem; deserving respect or admiration.

2. capable of being estimated.

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"worlds can be estimable."

"wines can be estimable."

"uncles can be estimable."

"sounds can be estimable."

"sleepwalkings can be estimable."

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Late 15th century (in the sense ‘able to be estimated or appraised’; earlier in inestimable): via Old French from Latin aestimabilis, from aestimare ‘to estimate’.