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A person who has escaped from somewhere, especially prison.
  1. 'I figure they want to return the escapee to the prison.'
  2. 'They would be trying to spot and capture the escapee, who was jailed after smashing his way into a woman's home as she lay in bed.'
  3. 'It's a story about a female prison escapee who will do anything to evade recapture.'
  4. 'Forces must also take measures to quickly welcome child-soldier escapees and enemy prisoners of war.'
  5. 'Ray and Max are part of an underground scheme set up to create new lives in Canada for escapees from these prisons.'
  6. 'If one child attempts to escape, the rebels force the other abducted children to kill the would-be escapee, usually with clubs or machetes.'
  7. 'He is an escapee from a prison in Venezuela, where he was incarcerated for blowing up an Air Cubana passenger plane in 1976, killing 73.'
  8. 'A spokesman for the Home Office said he was an absconder rather than an escapee, as he was officially allowed out of prison on licence.'
  9. 'The incident was sparked off at about noon by a sighting in Colchester of a prison escapee.'
  10. 'The film concerns two escapees from a chain gang, one black and one white, who are forced to cooperate with one another to avoid capture.'

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1. a person who escapes, especially from a prison or other place of detention.

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"poisons can be escapees."