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Break free from confinement or control.
  1. 'escaped convicts'
  2. 'She told police the attacker tied her up but that she managed to struggle free and escape into the bush.'
  3. 'And of course if you're not particularly happy when you're a child, being able to escape into a book is a wonderful thing.'
  4. 'He eventually left by a fire door, triggering an automatic alarm, but had escaped by the time police arrived.'
  5. 'Living in the Yorkshire Dales, it is still just possible to escape into a world of peace and tranquillity.'
  6. 'However, on a drab and grey day like this, the imagination is a better place than many others to escape into.'
  7. 'Two men arrested on suspicion of violent disorder are currently in custody along with a woman arrested on suspicion of harbouring escaped prisoners.'
  8. 'After ten minutes, the boy managed to break free and escape, although the man initially gave chase.'
  9. 'The temptation is enormous to escape into fantasy, or close our eyes and pretend nothing has changed.'
  10. 'He was hurt in the scuffle but managed to escape into an area of woodland.'
  11. 'He said pollen would not escape into the local environment because sugar beet did not flower until after it had been harvested.'
  12. 'One day when Chris was at work and the kids were at school, two convicts who had escaped from jail broke into the Rodgers home in an attempt to hide from the police.'
  13. 'It then swerved between parked cars as it tried to escape a pursuing police car.'
  14. 'A teenage motorist from Trowbridge who smashed into another car as he tried to escape police has been jailed for a year.'
  15. 'Sacrificing the other members of the gang would be no problem if he and his brother escaped a police trap.'
  16. 'So far he had escaped the police, the SAS and the army so many times he had lost count.'
  17. 'A banned driver drove his car dangerously down St Peters Way and then demolished a lamp post as he tried to escape police.'
  18. 'He had tried to escape the police by hiding in a doorway in Ship Street, but was found after back-up had been called for.'
  19. 'A serial car thief drove through a town centre at speeds of up to 70 mph to escape police.'
  20. 'A boy of 15 riding a stolen moped crashed and died while trying to escape a police car, an inquest heard yesterday.'
  21. 'Unrest was triggered by the deaths of two teenagers electrocuted in a power substation where they hid to escape police.'
  22. 'the driver escaped with a broken knee'
  23. 'An elk jumped through his family's downstairs window, crashing into the kid's bed, but the toddler escaped with just a scratched cheek.'
  24. 'His death comes less than a fortnight after another employee of the company escaped with minor injuries after also being shot at while driving his car in the city.'
  25. 'Elsewhere, police and civilians escaped injury in a failed grenade attack on a police station on the border.'
  26. 'This three-month old baby escaped with a fractured wrist, but is now an orphan as both parents were killed.'
  27. 'A family who narrowly escaped with their lives after their home went up in flames have been dealt a second blow after burglars broke into the damaged house and stole hundreds of pounds worth of goods.'
  28. 'Give your children the basics on how to avoid and escape potentially dangerous situations.'
  29. 'Even West Swindon's police station hasn't escaped the epidemic with the messy scrawl appearing all over it.'
  30. 'A seven-year-old boy miraculously escaped with only slight bruising and cuts after a brick thrown through a bus window hit him in the face.'
  31. 'A police officer escaped a bizarre accident with only minor injuries on Monday when a Port Authority crane overturned and smashed the boat he was in.'
  32. 'His friend, Neil, escaped with cuts and bruises in the assault.'
  33. 'the CFCs have escaped into the atmosphere'
  34. 'Returning to the house, I realised that leaving the front door wide open was probably a mistake, as a lot of heat was escaping from the kitchen.'
  35. 'If these gases escaped directly out of the engine, the noise generated would be tremendous.'
  36. 'Gas had escaped from an underground main into the foundations of the bungalow, forming an explosive cloud.'
  37. 'This is because the gas can slowly escape through the pores of the plastic bottle.'
  38. 'Ammonia escapes into the atmosphere during manure storage and spraying.'
  39. 'Gas was escaping at the house next door and there was a serious danger to life, the court heard.'
  40. 'There is an undefined hiss like air escaping but right now that is it.'
  41. 'If there are any leaks in the system, radon gas will escape and be detected because of the radiation it emits.'
  42. 'The company admitted allowing the potentially deadly chemical percholoroethylene to escape into the river.'
  43. 'He was found alongside the body of his girlfriend; both had been poisoned by carbon monoxide gas escaping from the apartment's oven.'
  44. 'The words escaped my lips with a tremble, magnified in an echo that swept through the room.'
  45. 'Despite my best efforts, a snort of laughter escaped me.'
  46. 'Murmured words escaped her lips, but were lost in his kiss.'
  47. 'Jonathon knew what he wanted to say, but his pride would not let the words escape him.'
  48. 'Plopping herself daintily down on the chair opposite Leah she poured herself a bowl of cereal, not a word escaping her once.'
  49. 'His back arched involuntarily, and a content ‘mmm’ sound escaped his lips, edged with a groan.'
  50. '‘No,’ I screamed, the word escaping me before I realised that it had left my lips.'
  51. 'It was only when the words had escaped him that he recognised how much they gave away.'
  52. 'Every so often a noise would escape her, a small sound, but nevertheless painful to hear.'
  53. 'She smiled slightly at that but no sound escaped her.'
Fail to be noticed or remembered by (someone)
  1. 'it may have escaped your notice, but this is not a hotel'
  2. 'Someone, who's name escapes me, once said that wisdom is the ability to hold two competing ideas in one's head at any one time.'
  3. 'And it's got that guy… the little weaselly guy whose name escapes me.'
  4. 'There's a great story, I wish I could remember the guy's name - it escapes me at the moment.'
  5. 'We also went to this new store near Japan town, whose name escapes me.'
  6. 'Opening his mouth, he started to speak, but words escaped him.'
  7. 'But the official-sounding name has not escaped the notice of those keeping a close watch on such titles.'
  8. 'Words escaped me, and when they came, they were anything but brilliant.'
  9. 'There is so much I want to say, so much I want to make the world aware of, but words escape me.'
  10. 'His name escapes me now (probably traumatic amnesia), but I hope his ears are burning, wherever he is.'
  11. 'Eddie is the president of some club in Melbourne, the name of which escapes me.'
  12. 'After a month or so, they started bringing their dog… a wheezy little pug whose name escapes me (I never did like pugs).'
  13. 'The airport coffee shop is playing a song by a band whose name escapes me just for the moment.'
  14. 'This was lead by a female teacher whose name escapes me.'
Interrupt (an operation) by means of the escape key.
  1. 'When conducting a tag search in Movable Type, the application is not properly escaping the optional IncludeBlogs query string parameter.'
  2. 'We're catering to a "need" to escape Web pages that our poor, humorless writing instilled in our audience in the first place.'


An act of breaking free from confinement or control.
  1. mass noun 'he could think of no way of escape, short of rudeness'
  2. 'He was still tied up when the men made their escape but managed to free himself.'
  3. 'We attempted to make an escape, to sneak past the guards and run free to a farming town.'
  4. 'The plucky farmer is understood to have startled the thief who eventually broke free and made his escape to a waiting car.'
  5. 'He had been at work in one of the villages further up the coast, and was tailed by a vigilant constable as he attempted his escape.'
  6. 'During the theft he comes upon a chambermaid whom he takes hostage, then kills, as his escape attempt goes awry.'
  7. 'It tells the story of a 1946 escape attempt from that most infamous of prisons, Alcatraz.'
  8. 'Later, when my kidnappers beat me up after a failed escape attempt, I became aware that their savagery was about much more than British or American foreign policy.'
  9. 'The snake was half in the bag when it turned around and attempted an escape.'
  10. 'The next night, the floodlights were still on, but he felt desperate enough to attempt his escape.'
  11. 'A family of four from Pewsey has spoken of its narrow escape from the flooding disaster that devastated the Cornish village of Boscastle.'
  12. 'A local man had a narrow escape from serious injury when the tractor he was driving was in collision with a lorry at Boggan Hill on Tuesday March 26.'
  13. 'On March 10, the Evening Press reported that four householders in the village had a narrow escape when a car skidded off the road and ploughed into two houses.'
  14. 'Motorists had a narrow escape when a lorry carrying heavy scrap metal crashed into a bridge, shedding its load.'
  15. 'An Ambleside man had a narrow escape after stumbling and sinking up to his armpits in a bog while walking on the Lake District fells, reports Paul Duncan.'
  16. 'Last year, Kevin had a narrow escape when a stunt went horribly wrong.'
  17. 'A Kirkby Lonsdale woman had a narrow escape when lightning struck the shop she was working in as a violent thunderstorm engulfed the town.'
  18. 'More recently he had a narrow escape when a motorist suddenly changed lanes and crossed right in front of him, forcing him to swerve to avoid a collision.'
  19. 'We opted for the bottled water and thanked our lucky stars for our narrow escape.'
  20. 'The first recorded sighting of the Loch Ness Monster dates from the 6th century when one of Saint Columba's monks had a narrow escape from its jaws.'
  21. as modifier 'he had planned his escape route'
  22. 'In our plan, we had never devised an emergency escape route.'
  23. 'There was no escape, no way out of this.'
  24. 'All four women began life in poverty, from which prostitution offered the only escape.'
  25. 'His escape route would no doubt be well planned, but that was of little consequence or interest to Bailey - they needed to stop the man before he made the shot.'
  26. 'She knew she had me, that there was no escape and that the weekend that followed would be torment and humiliating.'
  27. 'I had an escape route planned out of town, and since I'd be driving my scooter I wouldn't have to worry about traffic.'
  28. 'Another explosion rocks the ship, and suddenly the escape capsule breaks free - flying to the surface.'
  29. 'it is not a native of Britain, though often occurring as an escape'
  30. 'Gleason and Cronquist list it as an escape in Vermont and New Hampshire.'
  31. 'It is most likely that the two trees are escapes or remnants from cultivation.'
A form of temporary distraction from reality or routine.
  1. 'The truth is people choose alcohol and drugs as a means of escape because their reality is too painful to deal with.'
  2. 'I started this blog as a creative outlet, a much needed release, an escape from reality.'
  3. 'Online many people express fantasies or adopt identities precisely because they are an escape from reality.'
  4. 'Unfortunately, this feeling is actually an illusion, a short-lived escape from reality.'
  5. 'Such critics maintain that movies are simply an escape from reality - that they offer pictures of life closer to myth than actual truth.'
  6. 'This is the stuff of dreams, an escape from reality.'
  7. 'This was her escape from the harsh reality of the real world.'
A leakage of gas, liquid, or heat from a container.
  1. with modifier 'a gas escape'
  2. 'The company was yesterday visiting every house in the three villages to ensure the supply was turned off to prevent escapes when the gas goes back on.'
  3. 'The cause of the escape of gas was tracked down to a crack in an ageing pipe.'
A key on a computer keyboard which either interrupts the current operation or causes subsequent characters to be interpreted differently.
  1. 'Fortunately you can skip them by hitting the escape key.'
  2. 'It is possible to save the game at any stage in the play via the escape key.'

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1. to slip or get away, as from confinement or restraint; gain or regain liberty: to escape from jail.Synonyms: flee, abscond, decamp.

2. to slip away from pursuit or peril; avoid capture, punishment, or any threatened evil.

3. to issue from a confining enclosure, as a fluid.

4. to slip away; fade: The words escaped from memory.

5. Botany. (of an originally cultivated plant) to grow wild.

6. (of a rocket, molecule, etc.) to achieve es

More examples(as adjective)

"prisoners can be escaped."

"convicts can be escaped."

"injuries can be escaped."

"deaths can be escaped."

"damages can be escaped."

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(escape)Middle English: from Old French eschaper, based on medieval Latin ex- ‘out’ + cappa ‘cloak’. Compare with escapade.


escape the clutches (or grip) of
make good one's escape