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Relating to or formed by volcanic activity.
  1. 'Since the adoption of the exhalative model for the mineralization, the host succession has been interpreted as a dominantly effusive, and explosively eruptive, volcanic pile.'
  2. 'Subduction volcanoes generally show enrichments of boron in their eruptive products when compared with volcanoes in other tectonic environments.'
  3. 'In contrast, oceanic island, oceanic plateau and seamount volcanism is distinctive in composition and eruptive style from the activity at plate margins.'
  4. 'During the ongoing eruptive phase of the volcano, 19 people lost their lives in July 1997.'
  5. 'High seismicity levels were also observed in 1894 and 1903, due to swarms in the eastern and southern flanks, respectively, apparently not correlated with eruptive activity.'
  6. 'This could be due either to lack of preservation caused by erosion or to the fact that Taapaca Volcanic Complex has not produced high eruptive columns.'
  7. 'Late Pleistocene to Holocene eruptive activity in the Taapaca Volcanic Complex has been characterised by repetitive periods of dome growth.'
  8. 'East African volcanoes are famous for their carbonatites, and most of the eruptive magmas were rich in alkalis and natrocarbonatite.'
  9. 'Continued monitoring is needed so that potential hazards to air traffic, existing communities, and future island settlements from future eruptive activity can be quickly and correctly assessed.'
  10. 'Geochronological and geochemical data for the volcanic complex demonstrating Late Pleistocene eruptive activity were reported by Lohnert and Worner et al..'
Producing or characterized by eruptions.
  1. 'It also is used to ripen eruptive diseases such as measles; and promotes diaphoresis, making it useful for fevers.'
  2. 'Biopsy showed the papules to be eruptive xanthomas.'
  3. 'The most common peripheral eruptive maculopapular rash, erythema multiforme occurs more frequently in men than in women and most often affects persons between 20 and 30 years of age.'
  4. 'Bartmann was similarly exhibited in Paris during 1815, and died there at the end of that year from an ‘inflammatory and eruptive malady’.'


1. bursting forth, or tending to burst forth.

2. pertaining to or of the nature of an eruption.

3. Geology. noting a rock formed by the eruption of molten material.

4. Pathology. causing or accompanied by an eruption or rash. noun

5. Geology. an eruptive rock.

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"activities can be eruptive."

"vents can be eruptive."

"products can be eruptive."

"periods can be eruptive."

"events can be eruptive."

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