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(of a volcano) become active and eject lava, ash, and gases.
  1. 'The next day, the island's volcano erupts and an earthquake follows.'
  2. 'Steve poked his head out the window and saw that a volcano had erupted and a hot lava flow was headed right towards the hotel!'
  3. 'Volcanoes erupt not simply because magma is hot, but because hot, rising magma turns underground water to steam, which then expands explosively.'
  4. 'When volcanoes erupt, Lockwood is often nearby.'
  5. 'Volcanoes erupt under glaciers, causing gigantic floods that make the island a fearsomely dangerous place for human colonization.'
  6. 'Ice caps form, winds blow, volcanoes erupt, and magnetic fields are produced here on Earth and elsewhere in the Solar System.'
  7. 'The active volcanoes erupt a type of rock known as basalt.'
  8. 'However, whereas volcanic activity ceased on the Moon several billion years ago, Io still has about a dozen volcanoes erupting at any one time.'
  9. 'Although Cascade volcanoes do not erupt frequently, they threaten major populations and developments.'
  10. 'Intended to improve the understanding of how these volcanos erupt, the system investigates the dynamics of the entire magma system below the island.'
  11. 'hot lava erupted from the crust'
  12. 'That eruption lasted thirteen days and built a three - to four-mile-long ridge of volcanic rock from lava erupting through a fissure buried by the ice.'
  13. 'The current lava flows are arms of the larger lava flow that erupted earlier this year on Mother's Day.'
  14. 'The large volumes of lava erupted in the main phase of flood basalt volcanism seem to have overwhelmed any hydromagmatic influence.'
  15. 'smoke bombs erupted everywhere'
  16. 'A blast of fire and smoke erupted into the rainy night, casting a shadow onto the sight.'
  17. 'The York couple whose car erupted into flames which rapidly spread to two homes and three more vehicles have told of their frightening ordeal.'
  18. 'The Rogers' homestead erupted into a gigantic, exploding fireball.'
  19. 'It erupted into a ball of flame and exploded in a huge hellish ball of smoke and flame, which consumed another car.'
  20. 'After spitting a few sparks, it erupted into a burning fire.'
  21. 'Instantly, gray smoke erupted, flowing out of the cauldron, as if frozen in time.'
  22. 'This will cause the hot oil to erupt with possible dire consequences.'
  23. 'The entire café erupted into an incoherent mass of noise.'
  24. 'A moment later, it erupted into a ball of fires and disintegrated into a pile of ash.'
Break out suddenly and dramatically.
  1. 'noise erupted from the drawing room'
  2. 'I continue to feel it is such a shame this issue has erupted to the extent that it has.'
  3. 'That may have rankled the Church - but nothing like as ferociously as the gay marriage issue which has since erupted.'
  4. 'The see-saw battle erupted into a clash between the rival fronts on the floor of the council hall earlier this month.'
  5. 'We thought the women's issue would erupt first.'
  6. 'A fresh row has erupted over the thorny issue of a northern bypass for Witham.'
  7. 'It is a different issue that a controversy has erupted in the deal.'
  8. 'Thus, once the new year has begun, I'm afraid that conflicts regarding the power plant issue will continue to erupt.'
  9. 'However, as in Australia and Ireland, social discord erupted on the issue of compulsory military service overseas.'
  10. 'The debate on the issue of having an elected Mayor is hotting up, and this week a row erupted over the estimated costs.'
  11. 'The affair erupted into a national controversy late last year when it was revealed the State had been illegally charging residents of nursing homes.'
Give vent to anger, amusement, etc. in a sudden and noisy way.
  1. 'A funny snorting noise was Kaethe's only warning before Saber erupted into chortling, hysterical glee.'
  2. 'They sat in thin-lipped, awe-struck silence while he played, then, without fail, erupted into a standing ovation at the end of every song.'
  3. 'I erupted into near hysterical laughter at that point because what the hell?'
  4. 'At one of York's premier football grounds, the air of anticipation quickly erupted into ecstasy at the first goal.'
  5. 'No surprise, then, that the public erupted in anger.'
  6. 'A courtroom in New York City erupted into applause today as convictions were dismissed for five men.'
  7. 'David coped by continuing to fulfill his sibling caretaking responsibilities at home, while erupting with fits of anger, foul language, and violent outbursts at school.'
  8. 'Accrington erupted into a sea of red and white as jubilant fans celebrated the promotion of the town's football team to the Conference.'
  9. 'When those actions came to light this February, councillors erupted in anger, almost derailing the whole process once again.'
  10. 'First they clung to each other, then they erupted into tears and broad smiles as they hugged mothers and fathers on the tarmac of Tokyo's Haneda airport.'
  11. 'Anger erupted in a meeting when district council lawyers outlined their reluctance to prosecute feeders and asked town council officials to prove the pigeon problem even existed.'
(of a spot, rash, or other mark) suddenly appear on the skin.
  1. 'What was not explained was that for a couple of days afterwards, spots can erupt and you can feel strange, or more emotional than usual.'
  2. 'Today, the hospital saw a child who had sores that had just erupted.'
  3. 'When the villagers took her body in a boat for the customary sea burial, they noticed that small boils were erupting all over her skin, and tiny filaments were emerging from the boils.'
  4. 'his skin erupts with hives'
  5. 'Wondering how much effect going my counselling will have, as these days, my skin only really seems to erupt when I'm not processing poisonous stuff any other way.'
  6. 'Five college kids head into the great outdoors, only to be stricken with an illness that makes their skin erupt in sores.'
  7. 'It was easy to be so defiant against facial hair, despite its persistent attempts to erupt from our skin, because back then we were too young to grow anything more than a whisper of a whisker.'
  8. 'My stomach dipped, like I was racing down a roller coaster, and goosebumps erupted all over my skin.'
  9. 'Goosebumps erupted over his skin and he shuddered against me.'
  10. 'However, this also means that Fiona has been exposed to the virus, and may well erupt in spots a fortnight from now.'
  11. 'I sucked in air, feeling goosebumps and tingles erupt all over my skin.'
(of a tooth) break through the gums during normal development.
  1. 'The first teeth to erupt are the incisors which appear at around 6-9 months.'
  2. 'When do baby teeth erupt? Not soon enough for most parents, I have found.'

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1. to burst forth: Molten lava erupted from the top of the volcano.Synonyms: vent.

2. (of a volcano, geyser, etc.) to eject matter.

3. to break out of a pent-up state, usually in a sudden and violent manner: Words of anger erupted from her.

4. to break out in a skin rash: Hives erupted all over his face and hands.

5. (of teeth) to grow through surrounding hard and soft tissues and become visible in the mouth. verb (used with object)

6. to release

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"weeks can be erupted."

"years can be erupted."

"months can be erupted."

"weekends can be erupted."

"whiles can be erupted."

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(erupt)Mid 17th century: from Latin erupt- ‘broken out’, from the verb erumpere, from e- (variant of ex-) ‘out’ + rumpere ‘burst out, break’.