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Erring or straying from the accepted course or standards.
  1. 'Unless we punish errant husbands, this abuse will continue.'
  2. 'In due course the errant professor is brought to his knees by a cabal of the politically correct together with other members of the faculty who hate him for more directly personal reasons.'
  3. 'As with John Hartson's dismissal in the Scottish Cup tie between these two sides last Monday, an errant Celtic player was guilty of rank stupidity.'
  4. 'The issue is that while we are willing to accept the errant ways of noted figures, are we similarly willing to accept the errant ways of those not notable?'
  5. 'We never know what Miss Trotwood's married name was, nor her errant husband's Christian name.'
  6. 'Of course, this errant stupidity helped force Zapatero's hand and have him bring the troops home.'
  7. 'It could be caused by an errant husband lost to alcoholism, not unfamiliar given the fact that Goan liquor, distilled from coconut palm and from the cashew fruit, and called feni, is both potent and cheap.'
  8. 'Not only did Monica fear for her family, she also had little privacy, because golfers often would hop their short backyard fence to search for errant shots.'
  9. 'Watching in a Glasgow dump is her errant husband Jimmy, who heads to Nottingham, cash in hand from his latest theft, to try to rekindle the past.'
  10. 'Shortly after that, the errant husband saw reason and Fathima was happily re-united with her husband and three children.'
  11. 'an errant strand of hair'
  12. 'Last week they paid the price for such errant finishing.'
  13. 'On certain holes, errant drives end up in dark hollows of trees well below the fairways.'
  14. 'Errant shots from the outskirts invariably result in long rebounds that give the Nets ' running game a considerable head start.'
  15. 'No quibbling over errant free throws or selfish shot selection.'
  16. 'Julia smoothed an errant bronze curl off Mara's forehead.'
  17. 'Within 28 seconds of stepping onto the Garden court, he soars, to grab a teammate's errant shot - his first Villanova rebound.'
  18. 'In three years with the team, Bartrum never has had an errant snap on a punt or kick.'
  19. 'Autio sued both the golf course and the golfer that hit the errant shot.'
  20. 'Most commentators agree that Ghana could have scored six or eight goals against the Czechs, had our strikers been less errant.'
  21. 'An errant missile killed Iraqi civilians in January.'
  22. 'This red errant polychaete was about 7 or 8 cm long.'
Travelling in search of adventure.
  1. 'No search parties are sent out for the errant travellers.'
  2. 'The guardian thinks she's supposed to be cool and calm, indifferent and impartial, a door to keep out errant knights and travellers, but she's still steamed about being stuck down here.'
  3. 'Thus it was that five minutes later he was wandering down the hall in search of his errant best friend.'


1. deviating from the regular or proper course; erring; straying.

2. journeying or traveling, as a medieval knight in quest of adventure; roving adventurously.

3. moving in an aimless or lightly changing manner: an errant breeze.

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"bishops can be errant."

"operators can be errant."

"mps can be errant."

"drives can be errant."

"taxpayers can be errant."

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Middle English (in errant (sense 2)): errant (sense 1) from Latin errant- ‘erring’, from the verb errare; errant (sense 2) from Old French errant ‘travelling’, present participle of errer, from late Latin iterare ‘go on a journey’, from iter ‘journey’. Compare with arrant.