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Erotic literature or art.
  1. 'A technical, if admittedly simplistic, analogy: horror is to gore as erotica is to pornography.'
  2. 'She confesses to having been shocked to learn that Makiki created rooms filled with erotica.'
  3. 'One of the more consistent concerns is the presence of pornography and erotica and the expression of sexuality on the Internet.'
  4. 'Definitions of erotica, degrading pornography, and violent pornography can be problematic.'
  5. 'Yes, I firmly believe if a literary critic is not interested in erotica he should change jobs.'
  6. 'This shows that a conceptual distinction between pornography and erotica is both meaningful and operational.'
  7. 'I, for one, initially advocated a statement saying we were not interested in genre work, or erotica.'
  8. 'The members of the panel had several different views as to what pornography is, and whether there was a difference between pornography and erotica.'
  9. 'The debate over whether or not the book is erotica or pornography misses the heart of the text's importance.'
  10. 'The author explains that she is collecting erotica from Indigenous writers in order to counteract stereotypes and misconceptions.'

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1. written works, usually fiction, dealing with sexual love.

2. sexually explicit art, photographs, sculptures, or the like, depicting human sexuality.

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"categories can be erotica."


Mid 19th century: from Greek erōtika, neuter plural of erōtikos (see erotic).