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Rigidly upright or straight.
  1. 'The upright beam was held erect with guys, while the oblique arm or boom hoisted and swung the stone into position.'
  2. 'I also prefer the world of Ash trees as they are straight and erect, no messing about clogging up the skyline.'
  3. 'Stand up straight - studies show that if you stand upright with your head erect, smile and breathe deeply, it is almost impossible to ‘feel’ depressed.'
  4. 'She bent over, with her arm still erect, and snatched it with her other hand.'
  5. 'When the bar reaches knee level extend your torso and stand erect with your straight down at your sides, exhaling as you do so'
  6. 'Remembering to keep your body straight, head erect, arms straight and to the sides or above the head, is really quite difficult.'
  7. 'He stood erect, his arms hanging stiffly at his sides.'
  8. 'Another of the positions is keeping the back straight and erect, with the vertebrae of the spinal column in a straight line.'
  9. 'Suddenly, I saw its myriad blades rise erect and shivering.'
  10. 'Inhale while in lunge, bringing torso erect, then raise arms straight overhead.'
  11. 'She muffled a small moan as his hand pinched her erect nipple through the dress.'
  12. 'Unfastening her bra he pulled it off slowly toward him, her erect nipples rubbing against the flesh of his chest.'
  13. 'I find it ludicrous that an erect penis or penetration is still something that is not really permitted to be shown.'
  14. 'He covered her erect nipple with his mouth and watched her.'
  15. 'However, while I was outside yesterday, I noticed that my left nipple was particularly erect.'
  16. 'An automatic system causes the nipple to become erect when stimulated by tactile or sexual stimuli.'
  17. 'As she said this, she lifted a plasticine model of an erect penis, complete with testicles and all.'
  18. 'It cannot produce desire; it simply helps to make a penis erect once the desire is there.'
  19. 'Such women as these emasculate the male sexual drive, they reduce the man's erect penis to a limp one!'
  20. 'There was pubic hair, an erect phallus, graphic sounds all sorts of things to incense prudes, and maybe even affect the more jaded among us.'
  21. 'A condom is a thin sheath, usually made out of latex, which is rolled onto an erect penis before sexual contact.'


Put together and set upright (a building, wall, or other structure)
  1. 'the police had erected roadblocks'
  2. 'While a small number of the men looked after the reindeer, the majority, including Sakariassen, were living in tents and employed in erecting the buildings of Eaton Station.'
  3. 'At this point he was beginning to erect the walls and had paused from nailing the frame together.'
  4. 'The afternoon would then find her in the practice yards in the drilling lines, or in the fields, erecting new buildings, or at the walls, mending a break or adding to the ever-thicker wood and stone barriers.'
  5. 'With a membership of 40 the church is prayerfully seeking a pastor and expecting to be able to erect their own church building.'
  6. 'If you invade someone's village and start trying to erect school buildings, there are bound to be several people living there who are somewhat better qualified for the job.'
  7. 'The bill includes the cost of erecting the various building structures as well as expenditure related to yesterday's elaborate festival programme.'
  8. 'If a builder erects a structure containing a latent defect which renders it dangerous to persons or property, he will be liable in tort for injury to persons or damage to property resulting from that dangerous defect.'
  9. 'In the early Renaissance, the artist provided creative input, but the architect and builder were responsible for erecting a building.'
  10. 'Earlier, she made Cheng redecorate his office, erecting a wall to separate his room from that of other aides.'
  11. 'They quickly improved trade and commerce on the islands by building new hospitals and erecting strong fortifications.'
  12. 'The editorial goes on to point out the value of advertising in erecting barriers to potential competition.'
  13. 'Blaming them also provides a rationale for renationalizing Argentine firms, erecting barriers to imports and foreign investment, and increasing government spending.'
  14. 'They were not asked to erect philosophical systems on the basis of selected premisses, but to consider the kind of truth inherent in all of them.'
  15. 'They were not but, your Honour, what was happening was that they were erecting a contractual system and qualifying it.'
  16. 'We will have erected barriers to understanding and entrenched a division among people.'
  17. 'But in efforts to erect fire walls against same-sex relationships, the Mormon Church is unparalleled.'
  18. 'When we deny permission by being too assiduous in erecting barriers against irresponsibility, we are also erecting barriers against the exercise of responsibility.'
  19. 'Some even want us to erect barriers to keep jobs in the United States, even if it means curbing productivity gains.'
  20. '‘This bill erects new barriers to lawsuits and places new burdens on the plaintiffs,’ Mr. Leahy said.'
  21. 'Japan's courts also appear unwilling to erect barriers to coddle the Old Guard.'


1. upright in position or posture: to stand or sit erect.

2. raised or directed upward: a dog with ears erect.

3. Botany. vertical throughout; not spreading or declined: an erect stem; an erect leaf or ovule.

4. Heraldry. (of a charge) represented palewise: a sword erect. (of an animal or part of an animal) represented upright: a boar's head erect.

5. Optics. (of an image) having the same position as the object; not inverted. verb (used with object)

6. to buil

More examples(as adjective)

"schemes can be erected in hastes."

"posts can be erected on pavements."

"barriers can be erected."

"barricades can be erected."

"signs can be erected."

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(erect)Late Middle English: from Latin erect- ‘set up’, from the verb erigere, from e- (variant of ex-) ‘out’ + regere ‘to direct’.