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plural noun

(in ancient Rome) a class of citizens who originally formed the cavalry of the Roman army and at a later period were a wealthy class of great political importance.
  1. 'One such type was that of the equites, literally ‘horsemen’, so called because they entered the arena on horseback, although for the crucial stage of the combat they dismounted to fight on foot.'
  2. 'These brokers included members of the familia or the amici Caesaris (‘the family and friends of the Emperor) such as the equites, senators and other people who stood in close relationships with the emperor.’'

More definitions

1. mounted military units; cavalry.

2. members of a specially privileged class derived from the ancient Roman cavalry and having status intermediate between those of senatorial rank and the common people.

More examples(as adjective)

"dealers can be equites."


Latin, plural of eques ‘horseman’.