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At equal distances.
  1. 'Grab the barbell with your hands equidistant apart.'
  2. 'Our priority is to position ourselves at a point equidistant from all predetermined boundaries.'
  3. 'India proposes a seaward median / equidistant line approach for determining the maritime boundary.'
  4. 'Through the course of the playback of each pre-recorded section, the sound is redirected to one or more of six loudspeakers placed equidistant around the audience.'
  5. 'All around I can hear what this city calls early morning silence, an equidistant rumble that seems to begin a few blocks away.'
  6. 'It is almost exactly equidistant from the existing hubs/gateways of Dublin, Waterford, Tullamore and Wexford.'
  7. 'Neutral observers claim Waterside is equidistant from Swords and Malahide with a walk to either town centre taking around 50 minutes on average.'
  8. 'Par of Fettercairn, which is almost equidistant from Aberdeen and Dundee, is a conservation area with many of its buildings dating from the 18th century.'
  9. 'By impacting a point equidistant between each fibre, we observed equal intensity of light from each.'
  10. 'From his Bolton home, almost equidistant from the two UK operations, Mr Cox has literally been at the centre of developments.'


1. equally distant.

More examples(as adjective)

"points can be equidistant from points."

"points can be equidistant from centres."

"points can be equidistant from axes."

"eyes can be equidistant from origins."

"points can be equidistant."

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