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Make the same in quantity, size, or degree throughout a place or group.
  1. 'If a town was too poor to fund schools on a par with more affluent communities, it was up to the state to equalize the funding, which in turn was supposed to close the gap in achievement.'
  2. 'Next time around here in Ohio, it would be nice to have a ballot initiative on something like equalizing public school funding, reforming health care, or delivering more services to veterans.'
  3. 'Harvey could have done more, for Florida legislators had to take local assessors out of their tricky political situation before the state could equalize its educational funding in 1973.'
  4. 'There should be a push to equalize the funding of inner city schools with that of schools in the suburban areas.'
  5. 'Mean heights of transplanted seedlings were equalized among transplant areas.'
  6. 'The amounts of chromophore (that correspond to amounts of matured protein) were equalized among samples, absorption spectra for the native proteins were collected.'
  7. 'In this, the commune system sought to do what had been tried within the original collectives through the attempt to equalize the assets of the constituent brigades.'
  8. 'Democrats tend to try to equalize things through the instrumentality of government.'
  9. 'A widespread uprising against the coalition forces has resulted in hundreds of casualties and the targeting of civilians in a desperate attempt to equalize strength through asymmetrical warfare.'
  10. 'In a reply to a correspondent you further elaborate that the rate of profit is being equalized throughout the entire economy.'
  11. 'Britain is required to equalize pension rights between men and women'
  12. 'Determination of weights that best equalized the variance across the entire range of response required iteration.'
  13. 'This ceremony also equalizes the status of the students, irrespective of their background.'
  14. 'He certainly would not agree with Steinbruner that all national militaries must be equalized in capabilities and force structure.'
  15. 'The Ministry of the Interior released its proposal of equalizing the status of county and city governments and the special municipality last week in an attempt to divide the administrative and financial resources more equally.'
  16. 'The possible equalizing effect of public education would be lost.'
  17. 'Third, after the pension age for men and women is equalised in 2020, it should be raised in line with growing longevity, say by one year every 10 years.'
  18. 'Moreover, it does so in a way that neither conceives domination in single-axis terms nor falsely equalizes the effects of these relations on subjects.'
  19. 'Working wives change the power structure of the family by equalizing the resources of husband and wife.'
  20. 'So the effect of rent is to equalize the profitability of all bare sites, reducing profit margins to those obtainable on marginal sites, i.e. sites with zero rental value.'
  21. 'The agreement also capitalized and equalized the husband's pension and stated that for the purposes of any future variation of support, only half the husband's pension income would be treated as income.'
Level the score in a match by scoring a goal.
  1. 'Three chances to equalise were missed before Colm McCrickard sent over a point with his left foot six minutes in.'
  2. 'Slingsby had equalised three times through Darren Dyer and Jamie Ward.'
  3. 'Dumbarton equalised two minutes later through Andy Brown.'
  4. 'Town fought back well with Chris Alderson scoring two goals to equalise.'
  5. 'Midway through he half after Darren Strong had equalised Sheehan cut through the St. Josephs defence and shot a stunning goal to put his side firmly in the driving seat.'
  6. 'Ten minutes later they equalised when James Dunne scored from a corner kick.'

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1. to make equal: to equalize tax burdens.

2. to make uniform: to equalize a rate of production.

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"ages can be equalised for people."

"weights can be equalised at times."

"victories can be equalised for people."

"teams can be equalised for sides."

"rovers can be equalised for hammers."

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(equalize)Late 16th century (in the sense ‘be equal to’): from equal + -ize, partly suggested by French égaliser.