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Containing or consisting of a series of separate parts or events.
  1. 'This episodic tale, with no particular beginning or end, transfixes the reader with its trips up and down the rabbit hole of language.'
  2. 'The progression of the story is somewhat episodic, as is characteristic of many of Dickens' tales.'
  3. 'The discussion of this resistance that follows is necessarily episodic, highlighting particular individuals and events.'
  4. 'Structurally, it works - the disjointed narrative gives it an episodic feel, but you're never left hanging, wanting to know what happens next.'
  5. 'Moreover, the narrative structure of short story cycles mirrors the episodic and unchronological method of oral narration.'
  6. 'Unfortunately, the film really doesn't have a narrative, just an episodic series of events.'
  7. 'The episodic nature of the work made it difficult to relate to the characters or to feel involved.'
  8. 'Her country's epochal events form the colorful backdrop for her breathless and episodic recounting of her own journey of self-transformation.'
  9. 'With its somewhat episodic storyline, Nicholas Nickleby certainly poses some difficult challenges for a filmmaker looking to conflate a seven hundred page novel into a clear visual narrative.'
  10. 'He's like James Joyce, his novels are episodic and open-ended; they go all over the place, in seven directions at once.'
  11. 'volcanic activity is highly episodic in nature'
  12. 'Over the full span of U.S. history, having huge armed forces has been an episodic, decidedly temporary event, but for today's Americans under the age of 70 this situation is all they have ever known.'
  13. 'Students who reported that their last drinking event was a date were strongly protected against the event being a heavy episodic drinking event.'
  14. 'Thrombosis risk factors predispose towards thrombosis but, due to the episodic nature of thrombosis, interaction with other components is required before onset of the clinical disorder.'
  15. 'In addition to permanently acidified lakes, there are also episodic decreases in pH in dilute, but usually non-acid lakes, caused by runoff of acid snow melt in the spring.'
  16. 'For episodic outbursts, success often results from combining drug therapy with a careful analysis of the context and precipitants of the outburst.'
  17. 'In short, they all had episodic cough, wheezing, dyspnea, and normal chest roentgenography results.'
  18. 'All the drinking events examined in the Clapp et al. study were heavy episodic drinking events.'
  19. 'COPD is characterized by chronic airflow obstruction and episodic increases in sputum production, cough and dyspnea.'
  20. 'The scattered and episodic nature of today's threats, however, requires much more precise and constant monitoring.'
  21. 'Leebaert quite rightly begins by emphasizing how episodic America's attention to foreign events has been.'
(of a programme or story) broadcast or published as a series of instalments.
  1. 'One reason it's too early to make a real assessment is because it's clear the writers have just given up making episodic television.'
  2. 'He moved into directing episodic television, winning a DGA nomination for his work on the Emmy-winning drama ER.'
  3. 'The show is crafted as a visual novel; most of episodic television, even when its very good, is crafted as a series of short stories…'


1. pertaining to or of the nature of an episode.

2. divided into separate or tenuously related parts or sections; loosely connected: an episodic novel.

3. occurring sporadically or incidentally.

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