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Very angry; furious.
  1. 'Angry words turned to blows, and the enraged Willard drew his pistol and shot the man dead.'
  2. 'The walls weren't so thick as to block out the shouts of an enraged father.'
  3. 'Didn't she feel like storming the barricades in a fit of enraged self-justification?'
  4. 'This decision follows an immediate outcry by the enraged Indian community in the United States.'
  5. 'The next morning, an enraged Hood put his army in pursuit.'
  6. 'The Blazers needed a police escort to get past the enraged Mills.'
  7. 'But an enraged Williams increased her efforts to secure the match-winning break.'
  8. 'Tyndareus envied her for he would love nothing better than to follow his enraged child.'
  9. 'The following morning, the entire base was made to parade in front of an enraged station commander.'
  10. 'As frustration mounted, more and more examples of enraged public figures losing their cool began to appear.'


1. to make extremely angry; put into a rage; infuriate: His supercilious attitude enraged me.

More examples(as adjective)

"people can be enraged with people."

"people can be enraged by frequencies."

"travellers can be enraged over shortages."

"rightlies can be enraged in/at/on days."

"places can be enraged at traffics."

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