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Very large in size, quantity, or extent.
  1. 'the possibilities are enormous'
  2. 'Children have been able to get a real feel for the enormous size of some of the creatures that live in the sea.'
  3. 'He has enormous potential and if he continues like this, he will certainly make it.'
  4. 'Any one of these ideas will take an enormous amount of effort and investment to implement.'
  5. 'The beach is enormous and there are plenty of caves to explore when the tide's out.'
  6. 'An enormous main course, a bottle of local beer and a cappuccino will only set you back a few pounds.'
  7. 'They realise the keys don't fit and leap back as the door is forced by an enormous policeman.'
  8. 'The main building was across from him and the enormous main doors were wide open.'
  9. 'He handed me crisp sheets and led us to a simple whitewashed room with two chairs and an enormous bed.'
  10. 'We did manage to get an enormous amount of work done.'
  11. 'It is costing an enormous amount of money to clean it up, which could be used on other things.'


1. greatly exceeding the common size, extent, etc.; huge; immense: an enormous fortune.

2. outrageous or atrocious: enormous wickedness; enormous crimes.

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"dividends can be enormous for regions."

"dividends can be enormous for places."

"potentials can be enormous in/at/on years."

"potentials can be enormous in places."

"varieties can be enormous to anyones."

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Mid 16th century: from Latin enormis ‘unusual, huge’ (see enormity) + -ous.