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Charming and attractive.
  1. 'He must have been a very engaging speaker, a charming man.'
  2. 'He is a highly talented DJ, has a most pleasant and engaging voice, and would be a great loss to the radio station.'
  3. 'The paintings Cormac selected for view at the Garter Lane Centre comprise an engaging mix of land, sea and urban scapes alongside an array of still lives.'
  4. 'Valery is a cheerful person with roguish brown eyes and an engaging smile.'
  5. 'From everything I know, she is an engaging, likeable person, but she certainly isn't coming off as much of a team player.'
  6. 'Ade is a handsome 16-year-old in New York City with a warm, engaging smile.'
  7. 'They realize the engaging city offers them a home and a lifestyle like most of them have never experienced.'
  8. 'It is as visually appealing as its story is engaging and imaginative.'
  9. 'Never did she fail to warmly greet people with her engaging smile and lively chat.'
  10. 'Michelle immediately responded to his engaging personality and smiled in returned.'


1. winning; attractive; pleasing: an engaging smile.

More examples(as adjective)

"people can be engaging in experiments."

"personalities can be engaging."

"stories can be engaging."

"manners can be engaging."

"characters can be engaging."

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