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Occupy or attract (someone's interest or attention)
  1. 'I told him I was otherwise engaged'
  2. 'Alas, he's too dull to engage any interest at all.'
  3. 'It is the themes as much as the plot that engage the interest.'
  4. 'We never know what will engage the interest of our readers.'
  5. 'And this morning I managed to engage the attention of my new class of students.'
  6. 'Nothing in the newspaper engaged my attention at all.'
  7. 'To engage the interest of a group of fourth formers, he suggested that they build a hovercraft from scratch to enter a national competition.'
  8. 'That committee work appears to have engaged his interest, unlike any actual legislative issue.'
  9. 'If any town, city or district is to thrive it needs to engage the interest and enthusiasm of its younger generation.'
  10. 'I try to bring a little mystery to what might happen, because that engages people more.'
  11. 'Your web site needs continuous improvement to capture and engage your visitor's attention.'
  12. 'they attempted to engage Anthony in conversation'
  13. '‘I merely expressed what I thought,’ Bill said, going to the other side of the court and engaging George in a conversation.'
  14. 'We both tried to engage Ms. Taylor in an informed discussion about developments at the station with no success.'
  15. 'Anne, being her usual bubbly self, engaged Lady Allenwood in a lively conversation about theatre in general as we traveled the darkened streets of London.'
  16. 'In return he turned his back on her and tried to engage Ron in conversation.'
  17. 'He engages Hackett in a critical discussion of Hamlet as well as other Shakespeare plays.'
  18. 'We must engage them in discussions that involve their experiences, their questions, and their standards.'
  19. '‘I'd be happy to engage her in a discussion about the value of advertising.’'
  20. 'John tried to engage him in some lively conversation during the game, but he didn't go for it.'
  21. 'Over several weeks, the two built up a good rapport, with the General often engaging him in conversation over meals he had enjoyed.'
  22. 'We were standing behind a bunch of boys who instantly engaged Matt in conversation about some underground band or other.'
Participate or become involved in.
  1. 'some are actively engaged in crime'
  2. 'I don't think this problem can be solved by engaging in the arms race.'
  3. 'Please read that newer post before engaging in flights of fancy based on this one.'
  4. 'Religion and politics are apparently the two topics best avoided when engaging in polite conversation.'
  5. 'Each of the named individuals is a scientist who engages in research involving animals.'
  6. 'I'm trying to think of what type of festivities I'll be engaging in for my birthday.'
  7. 'The simple fact is that women prefer the more human touch when engaging in dialogues.'
  8. 'Virtually everyone was engaged in actively discussing key legislative and political issues of interest to nurses and nursing.'
  9. 'He has been actively engaged in an open exchange on what Indonesia is and should be.'
  10. 'The institute is engaged in research involving the SARS coronavirus.'
  11. 'The country is engaged in two wars for the survival of its civilization.'
  12. 'Other Scottish companies should go down this route as engaging with local companies is the best way to operate in eastern Europe.'
  13. 'He didn't seem to be actually engaging with anyone and his almost total lack of French must have been a disadvantage, but he was hanging out with teenagers.'
  14. 'They come to be a part of a network of people that they connect with, engage with.'
  15. 'A number of designers are terrific in constructing form but deficient when it comes to engaging with content.'
  16. 'It feels like I'm engaging with that process again, but starting from a different place, from songs and not that much improvisation.'
  17. 'Presenters have a role in engaging with the psyche of the players, and this role is linked to the national psyche in each country in which the show is aired.'
  18. 'Remember when intelligent adults thought engaging with the films of the day was an essential part of life?'
  19. 'The difficulty facing the computing industry is that technological innovation is necessarily about engaging with uncertainty.'
  20. 'He was widely criticized for not engaging with the president, but that turned out to be the correct decision.'
  21. 'The question is how effectively these private and public spheres are engaging with each other to Scotland's benefit.'
Arrange to employ or hire (someone)
  1. 'At the time of the development, contractors engaged by the Ministry had the right to go on to the land to carry out the operations, but such a licence did not amount to an interest in land.'
  2. 'Employers are making every effort to increase production without engaging new workers.'
  3. 'That employer engaged other artists to finish the drawings and undertook to publish them on his return to England.'
  4. 'So what they'll do is to basically engage those individuals as casuals, through a labour hire company.'
  5. 'But I am advised that of today, 15 people are currently engaged as temporary constables.'
  6. 'His current part-time mechanic employee engages him 15 to 25 hours per week.'
  7. 'Although we were totally different, we seemed to hit it off and I made arrangements to engage him full-time on my return to England.'
  8. 'I mean you can engage to large corporations and you can advertise to bankers and you can advertise to all sorts of wealthy people, but to ordinary folks you cannot, and that sounds discriminatory to me.'
  9. 'John, who is the son of James, is engaged to be married to Janet.'
  10. 'It is easier to establish the work to be done by the contractors engaged to build the Highland roads and the Glasgow-Carlisle road.'
  11. 'And just what consortium of companies and yards that prime contractor will then engage to do the construction remains to be seen.'
  12. 'His duties are defined by the terms of the agreed retainer.… the solicitor has only to expend time and effort in what he has been engaged to do and for which the client has agreed to pay.'
  13. '[A solicitor] may be engaged to perform tasks which are connected with the running of the affairs of his principal.'
  14. 'she had offered to engage a room in the house of the woman'
  15. 'P. T. Barnum had engaged the larger exhibition room to stage a new kind of mass entertainment, against which painting simply could not compete.'
(with reference to a part of a machine or engine) move into position so as to come into operation.
  1. with object 'the driver engaged the gears and pulled out into the road'
  2. 'When a data cartridge is inserted into the data storage system, the cartridge directly or indirectly engages and moves the shield from the first position to the second position.'
(of fencers or swordsmen) bring (weapons) together preparatory to fighting.
  1. 'The sword darted out as he'd expected, engaging his dagger, and the knife drove forward for his belly, but his left hand struck like a serpent.'
  2. 'Watch out for their weapons, and engage each respectively.'
  3. 'Critics are quick to point to the coalition's adherence to the law of armed combat as a reason for the coalition's inability to engage the enemy as necessary.'
  4. 'In the course of a defensive operation, subunits can be used to engage the enemy's tactical air assault force as an anti-airborne assault reserve.'
  5. 'Armed militiamen engaged the occupation forces and fighting continued for hours.'
  6. 'Deploying, the riflemen heavily engaged the enemy on both sides of the road.'
  7. 'While patrolling narrow streets, it is nearly impossible to safely traverse the entire turret to engage enemy forces.'
  8. 'They can also combine with the scout platoon to engage enemy targets for hasty attacks and ambushes.'
  9. 'Retreating subunits will inevitably be engaged by the enemy's enveloping, raiding, air-mobile, or commando forces.'
  10. 'The problem seems to be that when you direct your forces to attack an enemy unit, they believe that they should attack that specific unit rather than engage the enemy force as a whole.'
  11. 'By the 12th century the nobility began to stage tournaments in which knights engaged each other in battle in order to prove their skill, courage and honor.'
  12. 'Mongol commanders would also send portions of their force well past and around the enemy lines while the main body engaged the enemy army.'


(of a writer or artist) committed to a particular aim or cause.
  1. 'Born in Vermont in 1859, Dewey was a forerunner of the celebrity academic, the engagé intellectual.'
  2. 'Each side had its share of engagé intellectuals: Martin Heidegger on the right; De Beauvoir and Jean-Paul Sartre on the left; and Arendt on neither side.'
  3. 'He makes even grander claims on their behalf, likening them to engagé European intellectuals such as Albert Camus.'


1. to occupy the attention or efforts of (a person or persons): He engaged her in conversation.

2. to secure for aid, employment, use, etc.; hire: to engage a worker; to engage a room.

3. to attract and hold fast: The novel engaged her attention and interest.

4. to attract or please: His good nature engages everyone.

5. to bind, as by pledge, promise, contract, or oath; make liable: He engaged himself to repay his debt within a month.

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"students can be engage in studies."

"students can be engage in practices."

"publications can be engage on backs."

"places can be engage in politicses."

"people can be engage on backs."

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French, past participle of engager (see engage).