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Fill (someone) with great delight; charm.
  1. 'Young international ballerinas in colorful leotards begin the evening with an excitement that enchanted the audience.'
  2. 'New acquaintances are genuinely enchanted by my son's name and that tickles me.'
  3. 'The changing light patterns will enchant people of all ages,’ he adds.'
  4. 'It has the royal rose, the fascinating lily, the alluring ‘mogra’, and a host of other colourful flowers which enchant visitors.'
  5. 'The dream of flight has enchanted humans since ancient times.'
  6. 'And Alex was equally enchanted by this woman at his side.'
  7. 'Reia gazed out the window, her eyes enchanted by the world's serene beauty.'
  8. 'David was enchanted with his beautiful young bride and she in turn appeared to be very happy with her new life in Britain.'
  9. 'He loved dogs and was completely enchanted by Lacy's affable personality.'
  10. 'This is evidence that buyers are enchanted by connections with the famous, however tenuous.'
  11. 'an enchanted garden'
  12. 'The inside of the cottage was much larger than the outside and she new at once that it was enchanted.'
  13. 'It peeked beyond the brushes of the thorns that surrounded the dark enchanted lands of Ardor.'
  14. 'Wizardry was the art of manipulating objects, doing things such as creating fires and enchanting items.'
  15. 'The bag was enchanted, and could hold up to ninety pounds of stuff and still only weigh three.'
  16. 'It was magically enchanted, so the vender said, and would protect me as needed.'
  17. 'He enjoyed wandering that enchanted planet, taking in the magic.'
  18. 'I try and rip the ever-tightening and heating collar from my neck, but it is enchanted and won't come off.'
  19. 'Kim also enchanted his swords, giving them a keener edge and a hint of water to them.'
  20. 'The lights in the room danced as if some mystical creature had enchanted them.'
  21. 'It wasn't only beautiful, but scary, too, as the best enchanted worlds should be.'

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1. to subject to magical influence; bewitch: fairytales about witches who enchant handsome princes and beautiful maidens.

2. to delight to a high degree: Her gaiety and wit have enchanted us all.

3. to impart a magic quality or effect to.

More examples(as adjective)

"themselveses can be enchanted by places."

"canadians can be enchanted with romances."

"places can be enchanted."

"worlds can be enchanted."

"evenings can be enchanted."

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(enchant)Late Middle English (in the senses ‘put under a spell’ and ‘delude’; formerly also as inchant): from French enchanter, from Latin incantare, from in- ‘in’ + cantare ‘sing’.