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Feeling or showing embarrassment.
  1. 'an embarrassed silence'
  2. 'I'm embarrassed and humiliated to think that I actually live in a place where this sort of thing seems to be acceptable, and where some will invoke race to excuse it.'
  3. 'We are all embarrassed and ashamed by the actions of a very small number of leaders and a very small number of soldiers.'
  4. 'There were very severe financial problems during that period and she became embarrassed that she could not afford to pay for school dinners and trips.'
  5. 'She was very embarrassed and extremely upset by this.'
  6. 'He was embarrassed to be here, and ashamed of his greed, he just hid it better than me.'
  7. 'After an embarrassed silence, he added: ‘Granted, we didn't make much of a song and dance about that at the time.’'
  8. 'Alex was no prude, but he became acutely embarrassed by the situation.'
  9. 'Now he has wed in secret again and, to judge by newspaper reports, his parents are embarrassed and nonplussed.'
  10. 'The Ministry of Transportation suspended my license and I was extremely embarrassed and humiliated.'
  11. 'I was embarrassed and felt awkward and unwanted.'
  12. 'Financially embarrassed Lazio need cash this summer to ease a growing crisis.'
  13. 'Financially embarrassed football club Leeds United still managed to help make three men among the highest earners in Yorkshire over the past 12 months.'


1. to cause confusion and shame to; make uncomfortably self-conscious; disconcert; abash: His bad table manners embarrassed her.

2. to make difficult or intricate, as a question or problem; complicate.

3. to put obstacles or difficulties in the way of; impede: The motion was advanced in order to embarrass the progress of the bill.

4. to beset with financial difficulties; burden with debt: The decline in sales embarrassed the company. verb (used without object)

More examples(as adjective)

"people can be embarrassed at things."

"people can be embarrassed for people."

"people can be embarrassed about people."

"people can be embarrassed about things."

"staffs can be embarrassed by incidents."

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