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Free from legal, social, or political restrictions; liberated.
  1. 'Without the True Name, no one is emancipated.'
  2. 'However, this duty ends if the minor gets married or becomes emancipated.'
  3. 'Like emancipated concubines, prisoners of war were enlisted to rationalize the conflict as a civilizing mission.'
  4. 'Aboriginal people were emancipated in the 1960s.'
  5. 'The mountains remained mostly unoccupied until the slaves were emancipated in 1838.'
  6. 'The last slave was reportedly emancipated by the EPLF in the late 1970s.'
  7. 'Emancipated at last from family expectations, he was free to pursue his own interests.'
  8. 'These images are contrasted to the modern-looking, emancipated Danish women.'
  9. 'They also magnified the fall in sugar production from the emancipated work force in British colonies.'
  10. 'We should not feel provincial, lower class, but must be emancipated with our own voice.'


1. not constrained or restricted by custom, tradition, superstition, etc.: a modern, emancipated woman.

2. freed, as from slavery or bondage.

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"people can be emancipated."

"styles can be emancipated."

"states can be emancipated."

"slaves can be emancipated."

"negroeses can be emancipated."

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