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(of a person or their face) small and delicate, typically with a mischievous charm.
  1. '‘It has a nice vibe’ I say to her as we walk to the house, her smile broadening, her long brown hair framing her pale, elfin face.'
  2. 'She was beautiful in an unconventional way, triangular elfin face with big, expressive eyes and a lithe body.'
  3. '‘I was beautiful before,’ she says, touching a pretty, elfin face miraculously unscathed by the blaze that engulfed her body last summer.'
  4. 'One of them was tall, with a dark power surrounding him like an aura with long, raven hair pulled back from an angelic, elfin face.'
  5. 'If only she had more to do than play the pixie: we get awfully familiar with the tilted-down, shot-from-above disposition of her elfin face because not much else goes on with her.'
  6. 'Saddle Creek's that Omaha-centric label run by that elfin fellow with the bright eyes.'
  7. 'Dark shading created sharp cheekbones of elfin faces, softer blending produced squashier, round ones.'
  8. 'Her curling red hair stilled itself around her shoulders, framing her pale, elfin face.'
  9. 'She had a tiny elfin face, and huge green eyes with flecks of brown.'
  10. 'Mostly they're cartoons of fairies that share Bobbie's slim elfin face, cupid's bow lips and wide-set, almond-shaped eyes.'
Relating to elves.
  1. 'She has the elfin air of a creature from the romances of chivalry.'
  2. 'A Midsummer Night's Dream will transport you to an enchanted world of fairies in elfin glades, love and romance in rural Tuscany.'
  3. 'At the end these figures are succeeded by silence, at the beginning they're interrupted by elfin voices.'
  4. 'The other was not of the same delicate blood as the elfin horses.'
  5. 'It rises like a green baroque elfin city.'
  6. 'Our readers may also recall that he has never been one to work a lot of elfin magic with the art of the Direct Statement in the first place.'
  7. 'Well, I bring you a cautionary tale from the elfin handbook.'
  8. 'I can understand the language since birth, and I know the elfin ways.'
  9. 'Albion sometimes cursed the elfin blood that made him permanently obediant to the evil Obsidian.'
  10. 'While they employ neither the soaring grandeur of Sigur Rós nor the elfin idiosyncrasy of Björk, the music of the Múm quartet is unequivocally Icelandic.'


An elf.
  1. 'And Yarthe was empty, but for the elfin, and the elfin quite naturally took it for theirs.'
  2. 'His clan was that of no other, contrary to the beliefs of all other races, Masheleec Urik conceived that the Duroug elfins were a striking image of some god, whose obligation it was to drive all other races to the brink of utter destruction.'
A small North American butterfly that is typically brownish with markings on the wing margins that give the impression of scalloped edges.


    1. of or like an elf.

    2. small and charmingly spritely, merry, or mischievous. noun

    3. an elf.

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    "forests can be elfin."

    "stations can be elfin."

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    Late 16th century: from elf, probably suggested by Middle English elvene ‘of elves’, and by Elphin, the name of a character in Arthurian romance.