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A natural or synthetic substance used to add a colour to or change the colour of something.
  1. count noun 'a black dye'
  2. 'Tattoo dyes, particularly red dye, can cause allergic skin reactions, resulting in an itchy rash at the tattoo site.'
  3. 'Ammonia in hair dye softens the hair shaft to allow the colourant to penetrate and adhere to it.'
  4. 'I washed the black dye out of my hair and bleached it a bright white-blonde.'
  5. 'I had bought a box of black hair dye earlier with the intention of using it, but had lost my nerve when I got home with it.'
  6. 'His black hair dye, piercings, and all of the other punk-related objects were gone.'
  7. 'Biologists have long used fluorescent dyes that selectively attach to particular molecules, allowing them to detect certain cells or proteins in a sample.'
  8. 'For the most part, though, manufacturers adopted recipes using synthetic dyes, or mixtures of synthetic and natural dyes, to provide whatever colors were in demand.'
  9. 'One of the major practical applications of chromophore chemistry is in the manufacture of synthetic dyes, or dyestuffs, for textiles.'
  10. 'This article deals with the printmaking process, the color dyes and the papers used.'
  11. 'Natural dye from the juice of pokeberries splashed a rosy glow on the cheeks.'


Add a colour to or change the colour of (something) by soaking it in a solution impregnated with a dye.
  1. 'dyed black hair'
  2. 'His brown hair was dyed blonde, but just a little so it just looked highlighted.'
  3. 'On the advice of her lawyers, she dyed her hair platinum blonde and wore a two-piece black suit.'
  4. 'Wang Lung dyes eggs in red dye to distribute to other villagers in honor of the birth of his first male child.'
  5. 'Max and Matthew are twins and they look completely similar except that Max dyed his blond hair black.'
  6. '‘When your mom takes you to the store to buy your hair dye and then dyes it for you, you're not getting the true meaning of punk,’ he states.'
  7. 'She wore black and she had dyed her hair black, but the blonde roots were beginning to grow out.'
  8. 'Paper pulp is dyed with textile dyes and cut images are pressed into the paper when wet.'
  9. 'Since they leave an indelible black stain on everything they touch, they are perhaps best reserved for dyeing sheepskins black, as in the Rio Grande Valley.'
  10. 'Taking a spare molex extension cable, I vinyl dyed it black and put a cable tie around it to keep the wires from tangling.'
  11. 'Leather can be dyed with a sort of liquid stain - think about dyeing a pair of shoes or a handbag.'

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1. process of coloring fibers, yarns, or fabrics.

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"plants can be dyeing."

"businesses can be dyeing."


Old English dēag (noun), dēagian (verb). The noun is not recorded from Old English to the late 16th century, when it was re-formed from the verb.


dyed in the wool