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Covered with, full of, or resembling dust.
  1. 'a hot, dusty road'
  2. 'On a return visit I noticed the spaces on the shelves had been refilled with more, equally dusty, bottles.'
  3. 'The video ends with a view of the stove, dusty and full of ashes, where the ballots will be burned.'
  4. 'This script, dusty, dirty, covered with filth, is my most prized possession, my only companion.'
  5. 'The fireplace is dusty inside and covered with the webs of spiders that made their homes in its corners.'
  6. 'Off to the side of a dusty gravel road, a car plastered with election stickers begs the curious to stop.'
  7. 'The dusty road was covered with small rocks and it seemed to go straight up the side of the mountain.'
  8. 'It was very dusty, and was covered in wood shavings, giving it a feel and smell like a high school shop classroom.'
  9. 'There were two windows near the front door, and dusty, old blinds covered them so no light got in.'
  10. 'Inside the tent it was dusty, somehow the dust was coming through the nylon.'
  11. 'The dusty canvas that covered it was worn through in several places, leaving small holes in the fabric.'
  12. 'In consequence the autumn colours are muted, just soft dusty yellows for the most part.'
  13. 'A houndstooth wool anchored the season, with touches of dusty rose and pale lemon.'
  14. 'Focusing on soft pastels, Smith also sent a compelling range of leather trousers in dusty pink and black down the catwalk.'
  15. 'Keep it loose and wispy over dusty coloured, patterned dresses and skirts, or soft worn-in jeans.'
  16. 'Her gown, once a dusty shade of pink, had been dirtied by the dust of the plunder and turned a faded brown.'
  17. 'Madame sighed and lifted the hem of her long, dusty rose pink dress out of the snow with her free hand.'
  18. 'Remember, all-over dusty pink chiffon looks too flat, but teaming it with leaf green lifts it.'
  19. 'Light to medium shades of brunette would do well with mauve pinks or pinks that have a dusty or brown undertone.'
  20. 'She noticed that his skin was a pale, dusty white and his breath was shallow.'
  21. 'She chose dusty pink color this time and faded that into a silver color.'
  22. 'a dusty old bore'
  23. 'There is nothing dull and dusty about any of the attractions and there are plenty of opportunities for hands-on experiences.'
  24. 'His parents are so dull and dusty, you wonder whether he was a foundling.'


1. filled, covered, or clouded with or as with dust.

2. of the nature of dust; powdery.

3. of the color of dust; having a grayish cast.

More examples(as adjective)

"windows can be dusty in dates."

"everythings can be dusty with cobwebs."

"roads can be dusty."

"streets can be dusty."

"towns can be dusty."

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