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A cloth or pad for dusting furniture.
  1. 'The pensioner, living in sheltered accommodation, agreed to buy more than £20 worth of dusters and went to get the money, but when she turned her back he followed her into the house and asked her for her handbag.'
  2. 'If you want to leave them hanging during cleaning you can use a duster, dust cloth, spray or vacuum.'
  3. 'The Pink Chic range aimed at women drivers includes a £12.99 car cleaning kit consisting of shampoo, polish, a dashboard shine pad, a synthetic chamois and a duster and cloth.'
  4. 'Yesterday, I was sourcing a special kind of duster and drying cloth for a Russian client.'
  5. 'Add to this the chalk dust which rises every time she uses the duster to clear the black-board and you have an environment which assaults the vocal system of every teacher day in and day out.'
  6. 'Cut off the arms and neck hole and divide the two sides in two to make four dusters: dampen them slightly and they work a treat without the use of polish.'
  7. 'Whether a quick run round with a duster or a complete bottoming with bucket and sponge, it's one of those things you do.'
  8. 'We cleaned with brooms, dusters, buckets, and scrubbing brushes.'
  9. '‘And if this is to be my home, I must begin learning how to fit in,’ she thought, brushing the worst of the dust from her boots with the edge of her duster before setting off down the street.'
  10. 'There stood two boys aged about 10 or 12 years of age, complete with buckets, sponges, scrubbing material, car wash liquid and dusters, all bought for this enterprising adventure to earn some money.'
A woman's loose, lightweight full-length coat without buttons, of a style originally worn in the 1920s when travelling in an open car.
  1. 'Dressed in a green duster that was buttoned up over a simple black dress and a pair of black flats, she had dark brown hair that was somewhat tangled and very long.'
  2. 'My taste buds puckered right up, so I threw on a cardigan duster, and my slippers and went running downstairs.'
  3. 'She took a deep breath and covered her dress with her purple duster.'
  4. 'Another blink, and I was in form-fitting jeans, a green spaghetti-strap tank, and a gray duster.'
  5. 'She was giggling as she listened, hands in the pockets of her red duster coat and head turned attentively towards him.'
  6. 'She wore a long, black, hippie-ish looking dress with an long, loose, indigo blue duster.'
  7. 'I pulled out a duster, the coat was netted and the netting was shaped like spider webs.'
  8. 'She pulled her duster closer around her and shivered at the icy blast of wind Mother Nature sent her way.'
  9. 'In another there is a room, lit coldly by far too many fluorescent tubes, where you can go to buy nightgowns, camisoles, teddies, housecoats and dusters.'
A dust storm.

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    1. a person or thing that removes or applies dust.

    2. a cloth, brush, etc., for removing dust.

    3. a lightweight housecoat.

    4. an apparatus or device for sprinkling dust, powder, insecticide, or the like, especially on plants.

    5. a person employed in spreading insecticidal dusts or the like on crops from a low-flying plane.

    6. a long, light overgarment, worn especially in the early days of open automobiles to protect the clothing from dust.

    7. a summer-weight coat for women that is

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    "coats can be duster."