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  1. 'It reveals a shockingly casual attitude about the millions of women and girls who have died because of men's sexist and duplicitous behavior.'
  2. 'When political hot air is turning into cold blood, when duplicitous spin is becoming lethal, somebody's got to speak up.'
  3. 'In the older system, wherein outward actions were most important, ‘true’ (that is, honourable) intentions could justify crafty and duplicitous acts.'
  4. 'This relates to American exceptionalism, which makes great allowances for seemingly hypocritical or duplicitous behavior as conducted by our leaders.'
  5. 'How quickly it got duplicitous, deceitful, diabolical, and it just came out really in last episode where the beginning of an alliance was forming.'
  6. 'We cannot have such a morally bankrupt, devious, duplicitous, disingenuous and cold-hearted ‘little king’ returned to power this year.'
  7. 'They are weak, petulant, hypocritical, disunited, duplicitous, sometimes anti-Semitic, and often anti-American appeasers.'
  8. 'After years of attacking the creativity of every other wine-producing nation for borrowing their names, this is a bit rich, but, given France's ancient tradition of duplicitous behaviour, not surprising.'
  9. 'They exposed the United States and its athletes as the whingeing, mewling, cheating, two-faced, lying, duplicitous, sanctimonious shower that they are.'
  10. 'But it's deceptive, duplicitous, and deceitful.'
(of a charge or plea) containing more than one allegation.
  1. 'A count in an indictment charging such a Conspiracy Offence would not be duplicitous.'


1. marked or characterized by duplicity.

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"policies can be duplicitous."

"strategies can be duplicitous."

"politicians can be duplicitous."

"people can be duplicitous."

"operations can be duplicitous."

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