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Of a dull greyish-brown colour.
  1. 'I gazed down upon the old quarter, a collage of dun roofs, domes and vaults, pencil and square minarets, ugliness and elegance.'
  2. 'Colours (ochre, sand and white) are taken from pre-Columbian and colonial houses, and are intended to respond to the endless layers of dry dun dust that blow up and down the coast.'
  3. 'Beyond the river the dun slopes of Creag Dhubh, the black crag, rose in steady tiers to form an isolated hill cut off from the main Monadh Liath plateau by the broad valley of the Calder.'
  4. 'This book is an unremitting account of misery, privation, and pointlessness in a world of dun landscapes, tormenting insects, malnutrition, and cultural stagnancy.'
  5. 'That first look down the length of the boardwalk, the black line of trees between sunset-fired sky and swamp, the dun bulk of a wild pony in the scrub or a heron's pose in a field of reeds… the moment is unique, but it moves all of us just the same.'
  6. 'After we ate, the servants readied our horses and we rode together, me on Mercy and he on a dun mare.'
  7. 'Like the others, she had exchanged her ball gown for a suit of dun deerskin, with a tall forester's cap, in which was affixed a long purple feather, which commingled with her black hair and nearly disappeared in it.'
  8. 'Accepting the cup, she deftly uncorked the bottle and proceeded to cautiously shake finely ground, dun colored grains into the water.'
  9. 'The prevailing greyish dun distances were relieved by colour, by small spots of cheerful intimacy in patches of cultivation the more precious for being sustained in such arduous circumstances.'
  10. 'Finally, he chuckled, and moved his own dun gelding up abreast of hers.'
  11. 'when the dun evening comes'


A dull greyish-brown colour.
  1. 'A mutt the colour of dun stood near by, barking every now and again.'
A horse with a sandy or sandy-grey coat, black mane, tail, and lower legs, and a dark dorsal stripe.
  1. 'He laid the blanket on the back of the gaunt dun, moving his mouth - talking?'
  2. 'Three women were working in the kitchen and a man was sitting at the table, sipping black coffee from a cup bigger than the dun's hoof.'
  3. 'He crowed, bringing the dun, Kai, to a skidding halt just feet away from her.'
  4. 'The Indians ride bareback on paints (white horses with dark colored markings) and duns (grayish brown horses) with snaffle bridles.'
  5. 'She was his mount, a unicorn mare with a dun's coat.'
A subadult mayfly, which has drab coloration and opaque wings.
  1. 'I caught one of my biggest after-dark fish at this spot late one night on a fly that imitates a pale evening dun.'
  2. 'A beautiful two pound rainbow spent the next couple of minutes trying its hardest to imitate one of the swallows that were gracefully taking duns from the surface.'
  3. 'In mid-August, large hatches of a nighttime mayfly called the pale evening dun begin to appear.'
  4. 'Later they take the emerging fly, the hatched dun (or ‘green drakes’) and the ovipositing (egg laying) spinner.'


A stone-built fortified settlement in Scotland or Ireland, of a kind built from the late Iron Age to the early Middle Ages. The word is a frequent place-name element in Scotland and Ireland.
  1. 'The presence of an Iron Age dun on its western edge suggests that it also had a much earlier sentinel role.'


1. to make repeated and insistent demands upon, especially for the payment of a debt. noun

2. a person, especially a creditor, who duns another.

3. a demand for payment, especially a written one.

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(dun)Late 18th century: from Irish dún, Scottish Gaelic dùn ‘hill or hill fort’.