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    The udder, teat, or nipple of a female animal.
    1. 'She then gently nips the unfed cub to place it near her dugs.'
    2. 'Witches' breasts are usually depicted in art as flat, hanging dugs; they represent the underside of Western eroticism, with its glorification of firm, youthful bosoms.'

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    1. a simple past tense and past participle of dig

    1. and dig2 . dug2 [duhg] /dʌg/ Spell Syllables noun

    1. the mamma or the nipple of a female mammal.

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    "others can be dug in heels."

    "networks can be dug in centuries."

    "missiles can be dug on dates."

    "missiles can be dug at ends."

    "graves can be dug."

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    (dug)Mid 16th century: possibly of Old Norse origin and related to Swedish dägga, Danish dægge ‘suckle’.