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A tube or passageway in a building or machine for air, liquid, cables, etc.
  1. 'ventilation ducts'
  2. 'The heating ducts may have held fungal spores propagated by bats living in a chimney.'
  3. 'In fact it's tucked away on the roof, surrounded by air conditioning ducts and vents.'
  4. 'For facilities, that means air intakes, ducts and ventilation points are prime targets.'
  5. 'The fire then spread to the upper floors of the building along the air-conditioning ducts.'
  6. 'Inverted fruit bushels shade the light bulbs that hang down from exposed ventilation ducts on the high ceiling.'
  7. 'Above their heads, concealed by ceiling panels, was a space of perhaps 50 centimetres containing pipework, ducts and cables.'
  8. 'Contamination of the ventilation ducts by micro-organisms was blamed.'
  9. 'Dedicated horizontal and vertical cable ducts, and floor boxes give flexible access to electrical and data services.'
  10. 'Its air conditioning system - window walls with glazed ventilation ducts rising from the floor - was noted as particularly progressive by contemporary architectural magazines.'
  11. 'The doctor conceded that during his 16 years of occupancy, the air ducts of the building have not been cleaned.'
  12. 'As the interlobular and septal ducts are destroyed, ductular proliferation may occur.'
  13. 'Allergies to foods can trigger spasms of the gall bladder duct, so you should visit a practitioner who can diagnose any allergies you may have and adjust your diet accordingly.'
  14. 'The exposed surface of skin is not smooth but creased by flexion folds around skeletal joints, and it is also pitted by openings of hair follicles and sweat gland ducts.'
  15. 'Thin-walled, artery-like vessels lacking corresponding ducts were scattered throughout the tumor.'
  16. 'The urethra and the ejaculatory ducts penetrate the prostate gland.'
  17. 'The portion of pancreas had a dilated pancreatic duct but no discrete masses.'
  18. 'The biopsy specimen showed a cystic tumor arising from a dilated eccrine duct.'
  19. 'These structures include the cystic duct, the common hepatic duct, and the inferior border of the liver.'
  20. 'Here the soft tissue lining the inner ear narrows to form a vessel, the perilymphatic duct.'
  21. 'Colic pain is precipitated by spasm of a dilated cystic duct that is obstructed by gallstones.'
  22. 'Insects cut veins in plants with arborescent resin canals or in plants with laticiferous ducts that do not reticulate.'


Convey through a duct.
  1. 'This appeared to carry water ducted from the hills north of the site, where North Farm now stands, to either the village or the manor house.'
  2. 'Supply and return air to and from the ground floor is ducted to diffusers incorporated in and above the light fittings.'
  3. 'If instead you have electronic air cleaners in place of a ducted system, follow manual instructions for regular cleaning of filters.'
  4. 'Feeder streams come down from the low surrounds of heather, and are nicely ducted under the track.'
  5. 'Where the extra space cooling the system provides is needed and can be easily ducted to the area where it is used.'
  6. 'It is designed to propel itself by using ducted fans, take pictures, analyze temperature and gas levels, and communicate by voice control.'
  7. 'In temperate climates, many affordable housing providers rely on upgraded bath fans and kitchen range hoods ducted to the outside.'
  8. 'The windows don't open and the air is filtered and ducted.'
  9. 'Even worse, some of the air may not be ducted at all.'
  10. 'Couple this case with a Zalman ducted CPU fan, and overall fan noise can be kept to a minimum.'

More definitions

1. any tube, canal, pipe, or conduit by which a fluid, air, or other substance is conducted or conveyed.

2. Anatomy, Zoology. a tube, canal, or vessel conveying a body fluid, especially a glandular secretion or excretion.

3. Botany. a cavity or vessel formed by elongated cells or by many cells.

4. Electricity. a single enclosed runway for conductors or cables.

5. Printing. (in a press) the reservoir for ink. verb (used with object)

6. to convey or channel by means of a duct or duc

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"systems can be ducted."

"shelves can be ducted."

"roofs can be ducted."

"hoods can be ducted."

"exhausts can be ducted."

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(duct)Mid 17th century (in the sense ‘course’ or ‘direction’): from Latin ductus ‘leading, aqueduct’ from duct- ‘led’, from the verb ducere.