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Give an unofficial name or nickname to.
  1. 'Apple Computer, seeking to hold its share of the education market, introduced a new computer dubbed eMac, designed specifically for schools.'
  2. 'In order to make it all a bit more interesting they dubbed it the Big Bird Race and gave the competitors names.'
  3. 'The frenzy for designer homes has been dubbed the ‘brand-name property game‘.'
  4. 'The media later dubbed it the Feingold Diet, and parents have called their support group the Feingold Association.'
  5. 'He long ago eschewed the standard hip-hop uniform of sportswear and designer labels in favour of a unique look he dubs the ‘gentleman rebel‘.'
  6. 'The colourful character, dubbed the ‘Queen of the council chamber,’ has been part of city life for decades as politician, mayor, sheriff, alderman and charity tour de force.'
  7. 'This humble natural wonder may have a name, but I dubbed it One Man's Cascade.'
  8. 'This is made clear in a key scene from the first episode when the battle hardened character dubbed Sergeant Scream leads his troops in a firefight.'
  9. 'That was what Ellen, the car's owner, dubbed her.'
  10. 'But Clive Brassier, the tree pathologist who first discovered the disease, has dubbed it Kernovii - the ancient name for Cornwall.'
  11. 'he should be dubbed Sir Hubert'
  12. 'Janus had never had a prouder moment than the day King Lancus dubbed him Knight, First Class and he remembered the pride in his father's eyes as he marched down the streets of Hajalar.'
  13. 'Don Quijote is mightily impressed with his squire and plans to dub him a knight.'
  14. 'He decides to have the first knight he meets dub him - just like in the books.'
Dress (an artificial fishing fly) with strands of fur or wool or with other material.
    Smear (leather) with grease.


      Pay up; make a contribution.

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        1. to invest with any name, character, dignity, or title; style; name; call: He was dubbed a hero.

        2. to strike lightly with a sword in the ceremony of conferring knighthood; make, or designate as, a knight: The king dubbed him a knight.

        3. to strike, cut, rub, or make smooth, as leather or timber. Idioms

        4. dub bright, Shipbuilding. to shave off the outer surface of the planking of (a ship).

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        "percents can be dubbed."

        "deaths can be dubbed."

        "operations can be dubbed."

        "superwomans can be dubbed."

        "twos can be dubbed."

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        (dub)Early 19th century: of unknown origin.