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Free from moisture or liquid; not wet or moist.
  1. 'he wiped the table dry with his shirt'
  2. 'Water regularly during growth and bloom, then keep the soil fairly dry during summer.'
  3. 'She managed to stay mostly dry, but the cuffs of her pants were damp.'
  4. 'The affected areas should be kept as dry and as free of friction as possible.'
  5. 'Drain and place the blanched vegetables on an absorbent cloth and pat them dry.'
  6. 'The central glasshouse had two lean-to hothouses, one dry for cacti, the other humid for tropical plants.'
  7. 'Katy finally broke free of the dry vegetation and hurried off the path and to the guard rail that separated her from Justin.'
  8. 'They also require housing in shelter that is warm, dry and as draught free as possible.'
  9. 'She climbed onto the rock and patted herself dry with one of the blankets.'
  10. 'She sighed, realizing Hawk was right: she needed to let these clothes dry.'
  11. 'Meanwhile, the fire was busy, the wood was dry and free, and his thoughts ran just as freely on future good times until he too dozed in front of the blaze.'
  12. 'We were a mess, both covered with dry paint, and rehearsals for one of my most important scenes had already begun!'
  13. 'Windows started falling out of the hotels before the paint was dry.'
  14. 'We applied a solid area of color first, and then we invented decorative patterns over the dry paint.'
  15. 'When paint is dry, peel off laminate's backing and position the stencil on the pot where you want it.'
  16. 'Well apparently, the dating scene there is about as exciting as dry paint.'
  17. 'When the paint is dry to the touch, you can continue playing and building texture.'
  18. 'After the paint was dry, I roughed up the edges with sandpaper to reveal the wood underneath for an old, worn look.'
  19. 'When the paint is dry, brush on white crafts glue - which dries clear - and adhere glass seed beads.'
  20. 'The ink is hardly dry on young Hay's new three-year contract.'
  21. 'No matter if the paint is barely dry on the sign hanging outside the bistro, Mike has been there before me.'
  22. 'the conversion of dry latrines into the flushing type'
  23. 'Calvert points out that the floods triggered by the recent storm surge had demonstrated the eco friendly nature of the dry latrines.'
  24. 'His duties consisted of grooming the magistrate's horse, cleaning out the stable, cutting firewood and keeping clean the dry earth closet out in the yard.'
  25. 'Recommendations resulting from the meeting included the use of dry sanitation facilities in informal settlements.'
  26. 'the West Coast has had two dry winters in a row'
  27. 'The polar continental is usually a dry air mass, having little distance to travel over the sea.'
  28. 'Overall, the climate is humid and cool, with very wet winters and dry summers.'
  29. 'While very little rain falls during the dry season, the amount that does fall is more variable than during the wet season.'
  30. 'During the summer, keep them moist in dry weather, apply a liquid feed every three weeks and, if necessary, give the plants a support to prevent damage by wind and heavy rain.'
  31. 'Saturday and Sunday looks like being drier at the moment with the chance of a light frost overnight.'
  32. 'New South Wales has entered an early bush fire season, which is being exacerbated by extremely low levels of rainfall, dry winds and high temperatures.'
  33. 'Their shade reduces evaporation and keeps the soil moist during the dry season, and their roots protect the banks from erosion.'
  34. 'In the winter, the winds reverse and blow in a seaward direction, which is the reason why Indian winters are so dry.'
  35. 'It was lovely weather and we had an indoor BBQ since there was a ban on any outdoor burning because of the dry weather we have been having the last couple of weeks.'
  36. 'Ghana's subequatorial climate is warm and humid, with distinct alternations between rainy summer and dry winters.'
  37. 'The area consists of steep mountains rising to around 1,500 metres with flat valleys, and the area is peppered with sand dunes and dry lakes.'
  38. 'During the summer, the river was dry from its source near Kemble to Cricklade and the water basin at Ashton Keynes was waterless for two months.'
  39. 'In Australia, salt is produced by solar evaporation from sea water, saline lake waters, underground brines and harvested from dry lake beds.'
  40. 'The withered trees and dry streams portray the grim situation.'
  41. 'Most of the time, they have to walk for kilometers or dig holes in dry ponds just for one or two pails of dirty water.'
  42. 'The chase cars began because we were using a dry lake bed for initial training before using the paved runway.'
  43. 'Hughes also notes that the aquifer runs beneath two dry lakes in the area, Cadiz and Bristol.'
  44. 'He pulled his horses to the edge of the highway, above a stupendous array of mountains, dry rivers, scrubby hill crests.'
  45. 'Scientists hope that some of those rocks contain sediments that will reveal information about past conditions in the crater, which could be a dry lake bed.'
  46. 'The dams were empty, the creek was dry, all I had was two bores.'
  47. 'a dry well'
  48. 'Hesaraghatta lake, one of the biggest sources of fresh water supply to the city, went dry quite sometime ago.'
  49. 'Will there be an end to exports from the country as tax makes most of the oil supply go dry?'
  50. 'Ice cream sells better in winter in pedestrian malls and large department stores, whose air-conditioning systems often make shoppers feel hot and dry.'
  51. 'Early in the afternoon, they approached a small cottage, where no well could be seen, but the pilgrims were thirsty and dry.'
  52. 'the cows went dry in the wintertime'
  53. 'Cow numbers were held constant at 100 mature lactating and dry cows, plus replacements.'
  54. 'Yearling cattle, heifers and dry cows could be used to follow finishing cattle to clear off paddocks that have dried out.'
  55. 'cream conditioners for dry hair'
  56. 'If your problem is dry hair, first massage coconut or olive into your scalp.'
  57. 'Next Lisa applies an ‘intensive hydrating masque’ which is oil free and perfect for dry skin like mine.'
  58. 'If your hair is excessively dry and it does not respond to the above treatments, you may not be eating enough fat.'
  59. 'Gary said the first warning sign is normally a sore or dry throat, the feeling most people associate with swollen glands.'
  60. 'Whether your hair is dry or greasy, the following shampoos and conditioners will tame that mane of yours for good.'
  61. 'A regular deep conditioning treatment can also help rehydrate dry hair.'
  62. 'They were recommended by a friend, and helped my hair not be so dry from all of the color treatments.'
  63. 'I've always been prone to dry skin and hair, so I really noticed a huge shift when I began adding more oil to my diet.'
  64. 'His voice surged for a moment but it was scratchy, his throat was very dry.'
  65. 'Her palms were feeling extremely sweaty all of a sudden, but her throat was very dry.'
  66. 'Chances are quite good that lunch on any given weekday was a hamburger patty and cheese on plain, dry bread served with fries.'
  67. 'They all agreed and soon we were eating plain dry toast when the phone rang.'
  68. 'He would bring a sandwich to school each day which he had carefully made himself from two pieces of dry bread.'
  69. 'No one came round the cells except to push dry bread and water through twice a day and even that varied.'
  70. 'In such glorious surroundings, a slice of dry bread and a plank would have sufficed.'
  71. 'To be on the safe side we avoid milk and cereal and Akra gives him a piece of dry toast.'
  72. 'In between, she sits in the shade of a tree, to eat a lunch of dry bread and chutney.'
  73. 'I felt so pumped by this little achievement, I was able to face my dry toast and hard-boiled egg with glee.'
  74. 'It consisted of water and dry bread, and had to be eaten silently - and quickly, as the time permitted for breakfast was only 15 minutes.'
  75. 'So, he got out his bread knife and trimmed the quarter-loaf down to a couple of slices of dry toast.'
(of information, writing, etc.) dully factual.
  1. 'This comparison might make history seem somewhat dry and unimaginative.'
  2. 'The aim is to take what was once a dry topic confined to the history text books and bring it alive for the younger generations.'
  3. 'For a documentary, this is certainly not your typical dry regurgitation of facts and figures.'
  4. 'I began to read less and less in college as classes demanded more time with dull, dry textbooks and other assigned works.'
  5. 'Menand suggests that the author's avoidance of such metaphysical pathos was what made much of his writing awkward and dry.'
  6. 'While this book certainly qualifies as a scholarly work, it is not a dry history filled only with facts and figures.'
  7. 'I heartily recommend this book by the way, I thought it was going to be dry and dull but it's actually extremely readable and enjoyable.'
  8. 'It could be argued that such an approach was necessary in order to inspire the audience's interest in a dry subject.'
  9. 'Written for the educated, informed individual, the book does not get bogged down in dry information.'
  10. 'You have to admit that's a pretty good reason, but still, students find the OSI model information to be very dry.'
  11. 'And the most remarkable thing of all is that she makes this normally dry subject very funny in her highly effective popular book.'
  12. 'It not only conveys information, the dry facts and figures of the events, but also their full emotional weight.'
  13. 'Even a normally dry, dull and barely read political journal got in on the act with a feature on the demise of hip-hop.'
  14. 'So, if you thought history was a dry subject, you obviously haven't read a new book that basically makes history one big drinking game.'
  15. 'In between are 11 pages of useful information, including dry facts and quirky anecdotes, encompassing every area of life.'
  16. 'I always love the incredibly dry, spare tone of the Times when it approaches ultra-weird subjects.'
  17. 'Marty flails about on stage for a while, desperately trying to drum up some enthusiasm and energy for what is a dull, dry performance.'
  18. 'His comments were made in dull, dry tones, suggesting he'd rather be anywhere else.'
  19. 'In contrast to what he sees as the dry formalism of his forbears, Morrison offers a self-consciously passionate response to the play.'
  20. 'Given the vantage point of 35 years, LeWitt's art scarcely seems emotionally dry.'
  21. 'As a result he is often referred to as a philosopher of art, giving the impression of being dry and detached from the world around him.'
  22. 'His voice sounded dull and dry to him, without depth or meaning anymore.'
(of a joke or sense of humour) subtle and expressed in a matter-of-fact way.
  1. 'But viewer beware, a dry sense of humour is needed to enjoy this movie to its fullest.'
  2. 'I wanted to think this was some kind of dry joke, but 3 years of servile apologetics from some broadcasters prevent me.'
  3. 'Subtle jokes and dry humour set up some nice character development, backed by worthy acting.'
  4. 'His sense of humour was dry, he could be irascible, and he was razor sharp.'
  5. 'He had a very dry sense of humor that made her think of her father.'
  6. 'He had a great sense of humour and a ready, dry wit but he embodied a certain kind of simplicity and humility.'
  7. 'There are really dry jokes throughout the whole thing.'
  8. 'Kev's dry wit and quiet sense of humour was much appreciated.'
  9. 'The show was hosted by a young woman who also injected a dry sense of humour into her performance.'
  10. 'Dr. House has the perfect dry wit to deal with his rather depressing field of work.'
Prohibiting the sale or consumption of alcoholic drink.
  1. 'Do dry campuses stem student drinking - or aggravate the problem?'
  2. 'The distillery, you see, lies in a parish that's been dry since prohibition.'
  3. 'I heard much talk about how sobriety was more than staying straight or dry'
  4. 'Anyway I had support people amongst the AA groups that I was going to, I was an alcoholic but I'd been dry since the 80s.'
  5. 'Some people compare it to an alcoholic still craving a drink after being dry for years, but I am a steady weight now and take pride in my appearance.'
  6. 'He is a dry alcoholic: that is, he simply quit one day, without going through Alcoholics Anonymous or any similar group.'
(of an alcoholic drink) not sweet.
  1. 'If you are having trouble figuring out whether a wine is dry or not, look at the alcohol.'
  2. 'A dry sherry seemed just the thing, so I asked for one.'
  3. 'Oloroso is an aromatic, nutty sherry made in both dry and slightly sweet styles.'
  4. 'Alsace wines that used to be dry are often medium sweet nowadays.'
  5. 'In the white category, Peel has done very well with Sancerre, Austrian wines like dry riesling and white Burgundy.'
  6. 'Beginners sometimes describe dry wines as sweet because they confuse fruitiness with sweetness.'
  7. 'The light-bodied liqueur is pleasantly dry and aromatic, impressive in every respect.'
  8. 'The large, copper-coloured grapes make pleasant sweet as well as dry wines.'
  9. 'This was a very agreeable crisp, dry wine which could stand its own against an equivalent French, Italian or New World offering.'
  10. 'My friend thought the champagne was too dry so she wanted it mixed with orange juice.'
Relating to political ‘dries’; rigidly monetarist.


    Become dry.
    1. 'do not let the soil dry out'
    2. 'The tape survived, but only after it had spent Boxing Day drying on the radiator.'
    3. 'Let the pots stand in a saucer of water, ideally rainwater, then let them dry off a bit over the winter.'
    4. 'We sleep in the cheapest motel we can find, hanging up our clothes and sleeping bags in the room so that they can dry off.'
    5. 'Leave the shower doors or curtain open after bathing so that it dries faster.'
    6. 'If blistering does occur, allow the paint to dry for a few days.'
    7. 'Have to keep the throat from drying out, no matter how much it hurts to swallow.'
    8. 'My companion ventured back to the beach to dry off.'
    9. 'Have you ever watched your clothes dry in the clothes dryer at the laundromat?'
    10. 'Soil dries faster in terra-cotta pots, high temperatures and wind.'
    11. 'She looked up and over at me in surprise, tears slowly drying up.'
    12. 'they had washed and dried their hair'
    13. 'They were washing and drying dishes and chattering when the doorbell rang.'
    14. 'The samples were further dried overnight under vacuum.'
    15. 'I hurriedly washed and dried some jeans - just in time for my train.'
    16. 'Wash and dry your hands or use soft cotton gloves.'
    17. 'What she remembers most clearly about that afternoon is her mother's anger because Anny had taken so long to wash and dry one of her nighties.'
    18. 'David finished drying and washing the dishes and headed off to take a shower.'
    19. 'Local companies have also provided dehumidifiers to dry out the classroom damaged by the van.'
    20. 'I also advise using moisturiser, especially in winter, as the cold air dries the skin.'
    21. 'During roasting, lard is spread over it to avoid drying out the meat.'
    22. 'He has my window open and my space heater running to try to dry out the carpet, and he'll replace that if necessary.'
    23. 'I sniffle a bit, and he picks me up, drying my eyes with his sleeve.'
    24. 'She raised her head from her arms and dried her eyes with the back of her hand like a child.'
    25. '‘Oh, nothing,’ she said drying her eyes, and that was it - no explanation, after that she was fine.'
    26. 'She finds a wall mirror and finishes drying her eyes, and then she smiles strangely, admiring herself.'
    27. 'He got in his car and leaned his head back against the seat, he dried his eyes from threatening tears and drove off.'
    28. 'The rest of you dry your eyes, you've got to walk away now, it's over.'
    29. 'Brett saw Daniel leave and leapt up, trying to dry his eyes but he knew his cheeks were still tear stained.'
    30. 'I dry my eyes and look to her for some sort of reassurance.'
    31. 'Sasha dried his eyes up a bit by wiping them on his shirt and tried to talk straight.'
    32. 'Mama was drying her eyes, and Molly was whispering some words of comfort to Emily.'
    33. '‘I'll wash, Sara, you dry’'
    34. 'When I helped Gemma to dry up, the tea towel slid on oily cutlery.'
    35. 'dried flowers'
    36. 'Baskets woven from leaves and grass held fruit and dried meat.'
    37. 'Most of us know that dried chamomile flowers infused to make a tea, calm, soothe and help you sleep.'
    38. 'Some salad dressings contain sulfites, and so do dried fruits like apricots or golden raisins.'
    39. 'If I crave something sweet it's usually dried apricots or dried cranberries.'
    40. 'Because I am currently burning the candle at both ends, got home and made my bread, left it to rise, and made my Moroccan dried fruit salad.'
    41. 'Healthy nibbles, for me, would be dried fruit, fruit and yoghurt.'
    42. 'Try dried apricots and almonds, dried mangoes and Brazil nuts, and dried figs and walnuts.'
    43. 'The atmosphere is heavy with the scents of a dark corner of the garden or even of the inside of one of the sheds, all damp wood and dried flower heads.'
    44. 'Fresh fruit or dried fruits can play an important role in satisfying the sweet tooth and combating obesity.'
    45. 'When fresh fruits are dried, the sugar in them becomes much more concentrated: about 70 per cent of the weight of a raisin comes from sugar.'
    Forget one's lines.
    1. 'Sox is an actor who dries at an audition because he cannot relate to the character of a township gangster.'


    1. free from moisture or excess moisture; not moist; not wet: a dry towel; dry air.

    2. having or characterized by little or no rain: a dry climate; the dry season.

    3. characterized by absence, deficiency, or failure of natural or ordinary moisture.

    4. not under, in, or on water: It was good to be on dry land.

    5. not now containing or yielding water or other liquid; depleted or empty of liquid: The well is dry.

    6. not yielding milk: a dry cow.

    7. fr

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    "places can be dry on dates."

    "weathers can be dry during nexts."

    "weathers can be dry in/at/on days."

    "places can be dry with highs."

    "weathers can be dry with temperatures."

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