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A person who drives a vehicle.
  1. 'learner drivers'
  2. 'Officers acting on tip-offs and targeting suspicious vehicles found 22 drivers to be breaking the law'
  3. 'Others will be taxi drivers, students, shopkeepers or their sons.'
  4. 'Utility workers, Social Security employees, students and taxi drivers rallied in support of the strikers in San Jose on the same day.'
  5. 'People of all ages stood on the footpaths cheering on the vehicles and their drivers as they passed through the towns generously donating into the collection boxes.'
  6. 'If he's a student, a daily driver probably drives a vehicle that used to belong to his parents.'
  7. 'This is because, car owners are more careful drivers, than heavy vehicle drivers.'
  8. 'Many truck drivers also park their vehicles in this area.'
  9. 'A campaign to change the law to protect drivers of emergency vehicles from prosecution has been stepped up after a speeding charge against an ambulanceman was dropped.'
  10. 'Why don't you get the opinion of people who use the system, such as bus drivers and taxi drivers, instead of someone down the road?'
  11. 'But police are concerned that most of those stopped were delivery drivers or drivers of other commercial vehicles.'
  12. 'The smith walked the driver out to the stables, where he untied the horses.'
  13. 'The driver whistled to the mules and they slowed to a steady walk.'
A wheel or other part in a mechanism that receives power directly and transmits motion to other parts.
  1. 'Typically the cogenerator consists of an energy source, a mechanical driver and an electric generator.'
  2. 'Servo drivers with digital signal processors provide alternatives to analog servo drivers.'
  3. 'Passive-matrix designs require individual drivers for each pixel, limiting the feasible number of pixels.'
  4. 'In one typical environment, the learning programmable limit switch is connected to an output shaft of a driver.'
  5. 'Every product is provided with the drivers on CD ROM, together with a manual in PDF.'
  6. 'It will include desktops and laptops, plus printers, scanners, CD-ROM drivers and software when bought in the same transaction as the computer.'
A factor which causes a particular phenomenon to happen or develop.
  1. 'This is convenient but not the main driver behind the change.'
  2. 'There are three main drivers of this debt explosion.'
  3. 'Business investment was again the main driver, along with net exports and housing.'
  4. 'Continued loan growth as well as cost savings are set to be the main drivers of banking profits in 2005 and beyond.'
  5. 'The main driver behind the merger had been the weak demand in the past few years for steel, one of the world's most basic industrial products.'
  6. 'The main drivers of change are now transnational corporations rather than national governments.'
  7. 'But the shares could still be one of the main drivers in the market.'
  8. 'Its main driver, though, seems to be the attempt to legislate away the problems of a post-colonial country steeped in racism of all kinds.'
  9. 'That's one of the main drivers to get this system extended throughout the whole of Craven.'
A golf club with a flat face and wooden head, used for driving from the tee.
  1. 'This is because today's golf balls are designed to spin less off drivers.'
  2. 'On the range, use your driver or fairway wood and put the ball on a tee.'
  3. 'I was able to research irons, drivers, putters, you name it.'
  4. 'To flatten out your swing, hit some drivers with the ball teed up on top of a golf pencil.'
  5. 'The veteran managed to go to the top of the leaderboard despite using her driver on only eight occasions.'
  6. 'If you hit 10 golf balls at the driving range with your driver, you'll improve by the eighth swing or so.'
  7. 'Some golfers are buying high-COR drivers even though the USGA hasn't made a final decision.'
  8. 'Our panel reviewed drivers, fairway woods, irons, wedges, putters, balls and hybrid clubs.'

More definitions

1. a person or thing that drives.

2. a person who drives a vehicle; coachman, chauffeur, etc.

3. a person who drives an animal or animals, as a drover or cowboy.

4. Also called number one wood. Golf. a club with a wooden head whose face has almost no slope, for hitting long, low drives from the tee.

5. Machinery. a part that transmits force or motion. the member of a pair of connected pulleys, gears, etc., that is nearer to the power source.

6. Computers. software or hardware that co

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"icons can be driver."

"ases can be driver."


in the driver's seat