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(of clothes) suitable for a smart or formal occasion.
  1. 'Now I'm left with less than three weeks until I go to Dallas and a quest for dressy shoes to wear to the awards dinner.'
  2. 'The design is sort of skate shoe-like, and is completely passable unless you need dressy shoes at work.'
  3. 'Save the business attire for work, the dressy attire for hot dates, and cool comfort for the weekends.'
  4. 'She walked back to her room and slipped into a black, dressy shirt and a pair of blue jeans.'
  5. 'The self colored or white embroidery is dressy without being ornate.'
  6. 'The fact that leather jackets can be worn with casual and dressy attire makes it one of the most versatile articles in your wardrobe.'
  7. 'Scott said to wear something comfortable not anything formal or too dressy.'
  8. 'Meanwhile, the girls walked down the street to the nearest shop for dressy clothes, and walked inside, relieved to be out of the cold.'
  9. 'Finally, Liz put on a dressy jacket and joined David and Kevin in the main room of the suite.'
  10. 'I always wear dressy shoes with no heel so I wouldn't be taller than I am already and tonight was no different.'
  11. 'the sweater can be worn under a blazer for more dressy events'
  12. 'This is the type of sweater you'll be able to wear for every occasion, casual or dressy, with jeans or dress pants.'
  13. 'Many shoes can pass for both dressy and less formal occasions, and can go with everything from chinos and jeans to a suit.'
  14. 'For dressy occasions and church, women wear ankle-length dresses with long sleeves made of fine material.'
  15. 'Cropped pants are a great warm weather alternative to shorts for those chilly nights, dressy casual occasions, or for women who just hate to bare their legs in shorts.'


adjective, dressier, dressiest.

1. appropriate to somewhat formal occasions: an outfit that's a little too dressy for office wear.

2. showy in dress; stylish: a rather dressy reception.

More examples(as adjective)

"tramps can be dressy."

"photographs can be dressy."

"people can be dressy."

"fellows can be dressy."

"emptinesses can be dressy."

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