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Towards or in a lower place or position, especially to or on the ground or another surface.
  1. 'the sun started to go down'
  2. 'he swung the axe to chop down the tree'
  3. 'Then one of the two warders threw the case down at his feet and slammed the door shut.'
  4. 'She put the wine glass down on the ground and turned over to face him lying flat, her belly against his.'
  5. 'The youth knocked on his passenger window and asked him to wind it down.'
  6. 'Ashley stood on the hillside looking down at the devastation below in disbelief.'
  7. 'Morgan stood up and walked over to the buffet table and looked down at the food.'
  8. 'The brick paving outside has slowly sunk over the years and no longer slopes down towards the nearest drain.'
  9. 'Scroll down while reading each page and then when you come to the end just click to get the next.'
  10. 'I was sure he was going to kiss me, for he had placed one arm on each side of me and was leaning down towards my face.'
  11. 'When we finally put her bags down in my living room she started to cry.'
  12. 'Mr Rogers said last spring he stopped an attempt by the council to chop the tree down and believed it was now safe.'
  13. 'The wreck of the vessel was located, 40 metres down on the seabed, later that morning.'
  14. 'He said they set to work digging several feet down in search of the remains.'
  15. 'We were kitted out with helmets and miners' torch and taken 40 metres down to the pit bottom in a cage.'
  16. 'Vandals also dug two feet down into the grave of John Devlin, who died eight years ago.'
  17. 'It is a good 20 feet down and the way he has landed has contributed to how seriously he was hurt.'
  18. 'I went down to put the kettle on'
  19. 'I got up, washed and headed down to the dining hall passing the site of last nights incident.'
  20. 'Are you coming down for breakfast? It's half past eleven.'
  21. 'Come on in, son. Lindsey should be down in a few minutes.'
  22. 'they're living down south'
  23. 'All I had to do was get from Hampstead in the north to West Kensington and then down to the South Bank.'
  24. 'Raffles and games on the coach trip down should boost the money raised.'
  25. 'I am currently down in Cornwall so do not have a Tale of Two Cities with me.'
  26. 'It was unusual for me to set off on my own and the journey down was strangely lacking in atmosphere.'
  27. 'We had mixed weather on the way down, everything from hard driving rain to bright sunshine.'
  28. 'The money down there is incredible compared to up here, but I'd play anywhere.'
  29. 'The Premiership boys use planes a lot and it would have been nice to fly down to Exeter but we have to work within our means.'
  30. 'He converted hundreds as he made his way down into the South Leinster border area.'
  31. 'It might have been cold up north, but at least it was sunny - down here it is cold, wet and miserable.'
  32. 'I'm sure he will go on to achieve great things at the club, and will one day be held in the same regard here as he is down on the south coast.'
  33. 'I'm going down to the pub'
  34. 'There were four still photographers down at the Dallas police headquarters that day.'
  35. 'At night the restaurants and bars fill up with the chattering classes down from the city.'
  36. 'Nobody wants to work on a Sunday but everybody wants to nip down to their local supermarket and buy their food.'
  37. 'Still, I suppose I can pop down to the supermarket and be back within ten minutes.'
  38. 'I met Jim Renwick for the first time down at Raeburn Place last Tuesday, and I was impressed.'
  39. 'Then, after a light lunch, he would walk down to the university cricket ground to watch a game.'
  40. 'Justin's dead smart, reads a lot of contemporary writing and is always down at the cinema.'
  41. 'He said he would meet us down at the club later that night, but he never appeared.'
  42. 'It was obvious he had some sort of talent for the game so I took him down to one of the clubs in Carmarthen, but they said he was too young.'
  43. 'My mother used to drag me down here as an infant to see him on Saturday or Sunday.'
  44. 'he was down from Oxford'
  45. 'My friends are down from Cambridge and I don't want you to antagonize them.'
  46. 'It sounds simple, and it was, but washed down with red wine it was sublime.'
  47. 'I mean, imagine going to a buffet every day and having to wolf down everything in sight?'
  48. 'Shane took a seat beside her and she watched in fascination as he gobbled it down.'
  49. 'He looked like a bag of bones so we gave him some of our dinner and he gobbled it down.'
  50. 'Swallowing it down, he glared at the worker, who was walking back to the cooking area.'
  51. 'Lo and behold, get a bit of nicotine down him and a nice cappuccino, and you can't get a word in edgeways.'
  52. 'Women who cannot keep food or fluid down because of vomiting should see their doctor.'
  53. 'After the gig I just drank it down, poured myself into a taxi and headed home to bed.'
  54. 'Wash all of this down with a $7 pitcher of Kingfisher and you won't be able to move for a week.'
  55. 'A bit of sun, a bit of wildlife, washed down with chilled lemonade and a wedge of juicy watermelon.'
  56. 'she stuck down a Christmas label'
  57. 'They wrestled it into the back of the car… we had to put the back seats down flat to fit it in.'
  58. 'Rugs must be tacked down, not only in the middle, but at the corners and leading edges.'
  59. 'James laid me down on my bed and went downstairs to get me a glass of water and some tissues.'
  60. 'Mud covered its broad face and one of the pointed ears was stuck down against the head.'
  61. 'Her jet black hair was slicked down onto her neck and her eyes were sprinkled with tears.'
  62. '‘Down, boy,’ said Carl, and Moose obeyed without hesitation.'
  63. 'People would be telling her to stop screaming as they were trying to solve 12 down on their crossword.'
To or at a lower level of intensity, volume, or activity.
  1. 'the panic was dying down'
  2. 'If more than one wants to go to bed early, then the group should keep the noise levels down.'
  3. 'Keeping the ground squirrel population down is a precaution against humans and pets being infected.'
  4. 'Mr Khelifi was listening to music on his laptop computer and was asked to turn the volume down by airport staff.'
  5. 'It was assumed that the pressure on taxation would be up rather than down.'
  6. 'As the noise levels grew again, two women came in from the bar area and the whole place quietened down again.'
  7. 'This year's event was blessed with warm weather and although attendance was down on last year, it still attracted around 2,000 visitors.'
  8. 'Having lost all TV signals on Friday night, I had unplugged it to let it cool down.'
  9. 'Club bosses have already turned the volume down and assured residents they would monitor noise levels.'
  10. 'We sat around drinking and not smoking until she phoned upstairs and asked him to keep the noise down.'
  11. 'The party was still in full swing at two in the morning and showed no signs of dying down.'
  12. 'output was down by 20 per cent'
  13. 'Milk prices are down and the rural economy is still reeling from the after-effects of foot and mouth.'
  14. 'The euro has depreciated against the dollar and the dollar has gone down against the rupee.'
  15. 'Ms Foley said it was now clear that public and media pressure had paid off in keeping the prices down.'
  16. 'Even if your portfolio value is down now, you'll only suffer a loss if you cash it in.'
  17. 'These shares are down 40 percent from the mid 1980s.'
  18. 'Governments thus have a choice. Get their growth rates up or get their spending levels down.'
  19. 'This in turn kept the price of newspapers down and increased circulation.'
  20. 'Maybe this explains why undergraduate admission numbers are down in many departments.'
  21. 'But recently they have been shocked to see their bank balances going up rather than down.'
  22. 'Economists seem to be split in their views of whether rates will go up or down after the general election.'
  23. 'I must slim down a bit'
  24. 'thin down an oil-based paint with spirits'
  25. 'The band has slimmed down since their last album two years ago, and Papa Noel is no longer in the line-up.'
  26. 'How on earth could he bring himself to do something as awful as edit his project down?'
  27. 'Sure, there have been times when the organisation got fat and it was necessary to slim down.'
  28. 'So now I do these songs, five, six, seven minutes long, and I'm not going to edit them down.'
  29. 'Surely the one advantage of this being on tape is they could edit this stuff down?'
  30. 'Once the judges had whittled the teams down, each school sent just two teams to the main competition.'
  31. 'Those aren't the full articles, but I'll edit it down if you think it's too long.'
  32. 'As always, the interview's been heavily compressed to keep the file size down.'
  33. 'She said her weight loss had inspired her to get to work and help other people to slim down.'
  34. 'One option would be to paint the wall with a lime wash thinned down to an almost watery consistency.'
  35. 'everyone, from the President down to the bloke selling hot dogs, wants her dead'
  36. 'Daughters cannot inherit the disease in this way but can become carriers and pass it down to their sons.'
  37. 'He also wants them returned so he can keep them in the family and pass them down to his son.'
  38. 'However, equality was unheard of and land could not be passed down to women.'
  39. 'I think it would be great to record the memories of older people to pass down to the future generations.'
  40. 'Amanda says that she has passed the recycling bug down to her daughter.'
  41. 'A lot of the time culture is passed down to us by the advertisers, and the big corporations.'
  42. 'This hardening in attitude is repeated across the town and has passed down to children as young as 10.'
  43. 'He had never been one for idle pursuits, and it was a trait he had passed down to Grace.'
  44. 'On this week's Lingua Franca he hands on some of the sayings his family handed down to him.'
  45. 'They also have a special skill that has been passed down to every generation.'
In or into a weaker or worse position, mood, or condition.
  1. 'he was down with the flu'
  2. 'They tried so hard to break Park down - but met with tough resistance amid high tension and drama.'
  3. 'With nine holes played it looked bad for Kilkea only up in one match, level in one and down in three.'
  4. 'He was just 13 when he was struck down with meningitis and spent 13 months in hospital.'
  5. 'Give us something joyful to sing, because at the moment you really are dragging us down!'
  6. 'A SIX-year-old girl struck down with cancer had TWO dates with top pop stars on the same day.'
  7. 'Sad days when our only sign of pleasure is the hope of dragging Sligo down with us.'
  8. 'Fenor, we know, will be back again as you couldn't keep a good team like this down for long.'
  9. 'She retrieves the break only to go match point down in the tiebreaker when she makes a complete hash of a simple volley.'
  10. 'Hearts would have been dead and buried, two goals down with only ten men.'
  11. 'They even had to come from a goal down twice after conceding an early goal and then going behind again in the second half.'
  12. 'Four goals down with 20 minutes to go, Jock Nugent's side looked to be fighting a lost cause.'
  13. 'They attacked from the start, but went a goal down after a defensive lapse.'
  14. 'They simply sat back and let England make all the running, even when they went a goal down.'
  15. 'Even though we were three or four points down, we knew we could step it up and we knew what we had to do.'
  16. 'I think we were a goal down with about a minute left and big Welshy [Brian Welsh] scored.'
  17. 'We were a couple of regular players down, but those that filled in did well.'
  18. 'The guys did a great job replacing the wing and getting me back on the track, but at that point, we were four laps down.'
  19. 'one down and only six more to go'
  20. 'I think my body knows it's the halfway point of the week, with four shows down and four to go.'
  21. 'the system went down yesterday'
  22. 'Alas it's not sufficiently clever to hide it again when that app is closed down.'
  23. 'She blamed the glitch on a software error and said that once it was spotted it was taken down immediately.'
  24. 'Banks seeking to have phishing websites located in China taken down face a language barrier.'
  25. 'Register readers report trying to connect to the service for hours only to find nearly all its servers were down.'
  26. 'People lock systems down prior to test and as soon as test is complete the systems are opened up again.'
  27. 'It wasn't until her brother went to Europe on summer holiday and saw a U2 concert in Berlin in which everyone was shouting ‘Down with apartheid’ and ‘Free Nelson Mandela’ that it struck home.'
  28. 'A group of four men and women burst into a bank with a chorus of ‘Down with Capitalism!’'
  29. 'The crowd broke into wild cheers and they started to chant, ‘Down with the government!’'
In or into writing.
  1. 'taking down notes'
  2. 'I did enjoy the research but the writing it down and trying to put it into proper language was hard.'
  3. 'I could spend the day noting down everything I did as I did it, and carry a digicam with me.'
  4. 'As me and Megan began to walk towards the door, I noticed that Lucy was writing a few notes down.'
  5. 'Note down all the times and places you smoke, with a note on how much you needed each cigarette.'
  6. 'One reason is the simple difficulty of writing down not only exactly what people say but also who says it.'
  7. 'As he was recovering from his injuries, he started to write everything down.'
  8. 'Take a few minutes to note down what you are looking for before you call, and don't allow yourself to be rushed.'
  9. 'He was scribbling down notes as he kept running one hand through his dark, messy hair.'
  10. 'Just writing this answer down will give you some ideas as to what you would like to achieve next year.'
  11. 'That Monday, I sat down with two young people and we wrote our ideas down on paper.'
  12. 'But if you look at my cv there you will see I have her down as my primary reference!'
  13. 'Sergeant Major marks me down as being present and tells us to fall out to the softball field.'
  14. 'Out of these, 434 have Newbridge down as their first preference.'
  15. 'She said: ‘They did not find anything so they had to put it down as a sudden death due to natural causes.’'
  16. 'Oversubscribed comprehensives are turning away applications for children whose parents have not put the school down as their first choice.'
  17. 'You see, the officer who stopped me in the City marked me down on his report sheet as Asian.'
  18. 'The problem was that you account for some reason when it was processed it was put down as a yearly account and not a 2 yearly account.'
  19. 'The nurse noted the visit down on an index card.'
(with reference to partial payment of a sum of money) made initially or on the spot.
  1. 'She purchased the house for $89,000, paying 5 % down.'
(of sailing) with the current or the wind.
    (of the ball or a player in possession) not in play, typically through progress being stopped.

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      1. from higher to lower; in descending direction or order; toward, into, or in a lower position: to come down the ladder.

      2. on or to the ground, floor, or bottom: He fell down.

      3. to or in a sitting or lying position.

      4. to or in a position, area, or district considered lower, especially from a geographical or cartographic standpoint, as to the south, a business district, etc.: We drove from San Francisco down to Los Angeles.

      5. to or at a lower value or rate.

      6. to a less

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      "pounds can be down at dollars."

      "prices can be down by rupees."

      "solvents can be down by rupees."

      "silvers can be down by rupees."

      "people can be down by rupees."

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