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The sport or activity of swimming or exploring under water.
  1. 'I have enjoyed the diving and the company wherever I have been in Ireland.'
  2. 'If I wasn't playing rugby I was rock-climbing or deep-sea diving or fighting.'
  3. 'The diving in the area is really only suitable for experienced divers.'
  4. 'I have not even mentioned the social aspects of recreational diving.'
  5. 'Players do not have the option of diving down and exploring.'
  6. 'You only have to see Great Skellig from a distance to realise that it must offer fantastic diving.'
  7. 'Reef diving is the main sporting attraction, with the waters being home to over 100 species of coral and 900 species of fish.'
  8. 'As on every trip, we enjoyed some excellent diving and some equally good company.'
  9. 'However, the increase in the popularity of deep technical diving has not come without some major concerns being raised.'
  10. '"We were very friendly with the boat captain and all the diving instructors, " says Olga.'
The sport or activity of diving into water from a diving board.
  1. 'The judging favored the American style of diving, a style placing as much importance on entry or finish of a dive as what was accomplished acrobatically in the air.'
  2. 'The synchronized diving involves all the members of the team.'
  3. 'It was only in 2000 that they started synchronized diving.'
  4. 'She was recruited to dive at Colorado State University, even though she didn't even know diving was a college sport at the time!'
  5. 'Springboard diving is confined to 1 and 3 metres only.'
  6. 'Reese predicts that the bulk of the team's points will come from middle distance freestyle, butterfly, backstroke and diving.'
  7. 'Critical input is high, too, at the synchronised diving.'
  8. 'I was enjoying the synchronised diving before I came out.'
  9. 'But Justin made the team with the help of his brother in synchronized diving.'

More definitions

1. to plunge into water, especially headfirst.

2. to go below the surface of the water, as a submarine.

3. to plunge, fall, or descend through the air, into the earth, etc.: The acrobats dived into nets.

4. Aeronautics. (of an airplane) to descend rapidly.

5. to penetrate suddenly into something, as with the hand: to dive into one's purse.

6. to dart: to dive into a doorway.

7. to enter deeply or plunge into a subject, act

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"goalkeepers can be diving."

"types can be diving."

"supports can be diving."

"spars can be diving."

"spaces can be diving."

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