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Give a share or a unit of (something) to each of a number of recipients.
  1. 'There was no attempt to distribute the images or share them with others, he said.'
  2. 'The three villages, though separately ruled, worked together as a unit, sharing and distributing the resources they had at their disposal.'
  3. 'Like all research labs, we needed to share disks, distribute processes, compile software and store and munge data.'
  4. 'The program, Berklee Shares, encourages musicians to share and distribute these music lessons online.'
  5. 'Fifty $1,000 scholarships are to be distributed each year to individuals seeking associate degrees in medical laboratory science.'
  6. 'The money will be distributed to individual schools which made bids for vital new facilities such as sports halls, fitness rooms and games pitches.'
  7. 'Usaid pays an aid organization to hire independent staffers, who then travel to the recipient country and distribute aid as they see fit.'
  8. 'As a subscriber to their newsletter and referrer of 3 subscribers, I got 8 shares when they distributed them.'
  9. 'I have learned recently that in almost all cases, food is distributed to recipients prior to their doing any work.'
  10. 'In the political sphere, the possibilities for political participation should be equally distributed.'
  11. 'the journal is distributed worldwide'
  12. 'Charlie and Lola is produced by Tiger Aspect Productions and distributed by BBC Worldwide Ltd and © BBC 1996.'
  13. 'Iron is one of the most widely distributed of metals and has been used in ornamental work since prehistoric times.'
  14. 'New labels will be distributed to retailers still wanting to sell the current version.'
  15. 'To start, two million cards will be distributed at retailers and through street teams hitting places where kids hang out.'
  16. 'By distributing to larger news retailers such as Tesco, it can subsidise deliveries to smaller, more remote retailers, like corner shop or village newsagents.'
  17. 'An additional line, Farmer's All Natural Milk, is distributed in select retail outlets in the Front Range.'
  18. 'The goods were then distributed to major phone retailers, the ministry said.'
  19. 'The problem is not lack of supply, because nationwide we have more than enough energy production; the problem is how that supply is being distributed.'
  20. 'The series is being distributed by BBC Worldwide which could result in extensive international TV sales, merchandising and publishing spin-offs.'
  21. 'Posters of the former rider will be distributed while supplies last.'
Occur throughout an area.
  1. 'Quinolones are widely distributed throughout the body.'
  2. 'Microsatellite loci appear to be distributed throughout vertebrate genomes and can demonstrate high levels of intraspecific allelic polymorphism.'
  3. 'Muntjac deer (Muntiacinae, Cervidae) are distributed throughout Southeast Asia, South China, and India.'
  4. 'The yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae has an abundance of microsatellites that are distributed throughout its 16 chromosomes.'
  5. 'A climbing fern Lygodium japonicum is classified into the Filicales and is distributed throughout the warm temperate areas in Japan.'
  6. 'Tuco-tucos belong to the family Octodontidae and are distributed throughout the southern cone of South America with more than 56 described species.'
  7. 'A further 30 species were primarily confined to freshwater riparian areas distributed throughout the park.'
  8. 'These people seemed to have their weight evenly distributed to all areas of their body, making them an all-around heavyweight.'
  9. 'This graft fixation method enabled the force to be evenly distributed within each single graft strand.'
  10. 'Instead, the deformed shapes of these columns are more consistent with loads that were distributed over the height of the columns.'
  11. '‘The work load gets evenly distributed through all semesters,’ she says.'
  12. 'Take the zaatar and massage it into the chicken, inside and out, making sure it also is evenly distributed.'
  13. 'The load is transferred through the cross-bridges, which are evenly distributed along the thick filament.'
  14. 'A simple way to reduce overloading is to ensure adequate number of electric points so that load is distributed evenly through different circuits.'
  15. 'a distributed system'
  16. 'His main areas of interest are computer networks and distributed computing.'
  17. 'A system of distributed network transtelephonic monitors is also described.'
Use (a term) to include every individual of the class to which it refers.
  1. 'Failing to distribute the middle term over at least one of the other terms is the fallacy of undistributed middle.'

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1. to divide and give out in shares; deal out; allot.

2. to disperse through a space or over an area; spread; scatter.

3. to promote, sell, and ship or deliver (an item or line of merchandise) to individual customers, especially in a specified region or area.

4. to pass out or deliver (mail, newspapers, etc.) to intended recipients.

5. to divide into distinct phases: The process was distributed into three stages.

6. to divide into clas

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"forces can be distribute for sakes."

"people can be distribute."

"wages can be distribute."

"sites can be distribute."

"products can be distribute."

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Late Middle English: from Latin distribut- ‘divided up’, from the verb distribuere, from dis- ‘apart’ + tribuere ‘assign’.