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Purify (a liquid) by heating it so that it vaporizes, then cooling and condensing the vapour and collecting the resulting liquid.
  1. 'distilled water'
  2. 'If they said distilled water won't boil, they are incorrect.'
  3. 'Touted by some as water's purest form, distilled water is produced by condensing steam from boiled water back into its liquid state.'
  4. 'When distilling ethanol, the highest purity possible with an efficient still is 95 percent.'
  5. 'Deionized, distilled, and filtered water was used in the clean room.'
  6. 'Group 1 served as normal control and was given distilled water orally.'
  7. 'Before it is used in cosmetics, water must be filtered, distilled, sterilized, and deionized.'
  8. 'The control group was given distilled water plus saline.'
  9. 'the distilling industry'
  10. 'There is now an acceptance by many that perhaps love really does flow in the veins of the people who drink Vodka distilled from potato seeds.'
  11. 'The difference is that in ‘distilled gin’ the botanicals that give the drink its flavor are distilled with the alcohol.'
  12. 'Their primary staple was probably agave cactus, which the Spaniards later began distilling into mezcal, a liquor.'
  13. 'In his optimism, Sale has even talked about exporting ethanol, at the same time touting Manitoba as a cheap place to grow the grain used to distil ethanol.'
  14. 'The label reveals that it is distilled four times and has 5.5% more alcohol than the cheaper own-labels.'
  15. 'The filtered juice is fermented for up to three days, distilled, cooled and refiltered.'
  16. 'They also introduced tombo beer which is brewed from sorghum, and kashipembes which is distilled from a variety of wild fruits and berries.'
  17. 'The spirit also must be distilled in a traditional pot still and aged in Limousin oak.'
  18. 'The waiter served a typical drink with our coffees - rum, distilled from local sugar-cane and blended with honey.'
  19. 'He also invented a home-brewed replacement for that sooty kerosene - ethanol alcohol distilled from sweet sorghum using solar energy.'
  20. 'Organic oils are distilled or extracted from plants that are grown without pesticides.'
  21. 'Although the cedarwood the Egyptians used was distilled by a crude distillation process, the other oils the Egyptians used were most likely infused oils.'
  22. 'Dr Dodd told the Glasgow Herald his plans include distilling and delivering aromatherapy products by phone.'
  23. 'Cholesterol was dissolved in ethanol and distilled, deionized water was added dropwise until a white precipitate appeared.'
  24. 'By adding a small amount of other organic liquids, the ethanol can be distilled to 100%.'
  25. 'The alchemists then started trying to distill the Pneuma to discover its properties.'
  26. 'Absinthe traditionally was distilled from a variety of plant products extracted into an ethanol base.'
  27. 'coal tar is made by distilling out the volatile products in coal'
  28. 'That is because they are distilled to the point where no molecules of the disease product remain.'
  29. 'Alcohol should be distilled out of wine before it is sold and drunk for its heart-healthy effects.'
  30. 'This form of creosote, a mixture of chemicals created by distilling coal tar, is toxic in large amounts or after extended exposure.'
  31. 'About one third of the smoke constituents, including nicotine, distil out of tobacco in this region.'
  32. 'I don't write messy realism; I write philosophically-driven, distilled, and consciously framed fiction.'
  33. 'The strawberries smothered in zabaglione which I had for dessert are summer itself distilled in a bowl.'
  34. 'The humpback weatherfront now hauls slow tarps of rain across our hills, but what is the pool where praise distils?'
Extract the essential meaning or most important aspects of.
  1. 'the report is a distilled version of the main accounts'
  2. 'They are trained at great expense in traditions that are distilled from the work of their ancestors.'
  3. 'He was not an innovator, but he captured the essence of a style and distilled it into the best possible expression.'
  4. 'Like many pregnant women, she is distilling all of society's free-floating anxiety about exposure to toxic chemicals into nine months of serious worrying.'
  5. 'After being asked for a demo, Beam submitted two full-length albums, which were distilled down into the 11-song The Creek Drank the Cradle.'
  6. 'Table 1 presents background characteristics distilled from the 1,448 case records.'
  7. 'By this time, results from years of research and analysis had been distilled.'
  8. 'If you can't distill all your interests, skills, and role into two words, then obviously you've failed at the business card.'
  9. 'Using intuitive navigation, they distill the most frequently used maintenance management features into a user-friendly interface.'
  10. 'In essence, that means distilling your creative project into a nuts and bolts description that will capture the attention of producers and financiers.'
  11. 'Yet how does one distill the Orphic essence from its various and utterly distinctive incarnations?'

More definitions

1. to subject to a process of vaporization and subsequent condensation, as for purification or concentration.

2. to extract the volatile components of by distillation; transform by distillation.

3. to concentrate, purify, or obtain by or as by distillation: to distill whiskey from mash.

4. to remove by distillation (usually followed by off or out): to distill out impurities.

5. to extract the essential elements of; refine; abstract: She managed to distill her

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"wines can be distilling."


(distill)Late Middle English: from Latin distillare, variant of destillare, from de- ‘down, away’ + stillare (from stilla ‘a drop’).