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Interrupt (an event, activity, or process) by causing a disturbance or problem.
  1. 'They were targeted after police visited or monitored their homes in a bid to to disrupt their activities.'
  2. 'The roof structure itself can be added on to, again, without disrupting the ongoing activities of the airport.'
  3. 'Police said they had mounted the operation to ensure the safety of those attending the club and to disrupt criminal activities.'
  4. 'The notion that a small group would disrupt the event for reasons of self-interest will be regarded as distasteful.'
  5. 'Strike action would disrupt performances in the company's current summer festival season.'
  6. 'The contest became a target in 1970 when women protesters disrupted the event.'
  7. 'It will specifically target offenders and disrupt their activities.'
  8. 'We've done a great deal to disrupt their activity and influence the flow of money.'
  9. 'It only defers its end by disrupting the social event with which it begins.'
  10. 'Regular mealtimes and other activities are not disrupted by the arrival of a child.'
  11. 'alcohol can disrupt the chromosomes of an unfertilized egg'
  12. 'This could have led to disruption of a turn, and thus disrupting global structure.'
  13. 'When the dingoes are persecuted, however, it disrupts the social structure of dingo packs and leads to crossbreeding.'
  14. 'Monetary policy can never have a neutral effect on an economy because it disrupts the production structure and relative prices.'
  15. 'This means we're disrupting their activities, because they have to move to another border crossing.'
  16. 'Every circumstance in church life offers an opportunity for the forces of the abyss to disrupt and destroy.'
  17. 'Alkylating agents function by reacting with and disrupting the structure of DNA.'
  18. 'A hydronium ion, however, disrupts this structure because it can accommodate a maximum of three hydrogen bonds.'
  19. 'PyrR binding in turn disrupts the structure of the antiterminator hairpin.'
  20. 'The beetles kill trees by disrupting their water- and nutrient-carrying tissues.'
  21. 'There was a major effort to disrupt the enemy's command structure on Thursday morning.'
  22. 'The research has developed a technique which disrupts the process of replication by selecting genes carrying the virus and killing them.'

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1. to cause disorder or turmoil in: The news disrupted their conference.

2. to destroy, usually temporarily, the normal continuance or unity of; interrupt: Telephone service was disrupted for hours.

3. to break apart: to disrupt a connection.

4. Business. to radically change (an industry, business strategy, etc.), as by introducing a new product or service that creates a new market: It’s time to disrupt your old business model. adjective

5. broken apart; d

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"flights can be disrupting."

"services can be disrupting."

"productions can be disrupting."

"hurricaneses can be disrupting."

"syndicates can be disrupting."

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(disrupt)Late Middle English: from Latin disrupt- ‘broken apart’, from the verb disrumpere.