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Knock or force out of position.
  1. 'They withdrew to the mountainous south, whence Russian forces have to this day been unable to dislodge them.'
  2. 'A few stones were dislodged by the movement and tumbled into the brine with their earlier neighbours.'
  3. 'It may have become faded now, some stones might have been dislodged, but the beauty of what once was still lingers.'
  4. 'Stones may stay in the kidney or be dislodged and try to pass out with the urine.'
  5. 'They have to, because the fringe players have to improve to dislodge the established lot.'
  6. 'When the matrix of a slab is hard, the cement paste on the surface can be washed off without dislodging the stones.'
  7. 'Staff may sustain serious injury if loose equipment is dislodged during a journey, or while loading the transport systems.'
  8. 'When a chub takes the bait, it dislodges the lead which moves downstream, bouncing along the bottom.'
  9. 'She imitated the footfalls of the brigand ahead of her, trying not to dislodge gravel or stones.'
  10. 'Often a plant will dislodge a stone, causing all of its roots to be exposed or the soil to be lost.'
  11. 'government opponents failed to dislodge the Prime Minister'
  12. 'In such a tightly managed duopoly partisan change is slow in coming, and then likely to be slow to dislodge.'
  13. 'More of the same will make the champions very hard to dislodge.'
  14. 'Not only will he not go, but any attempt to dislodge him would certainly cause trouble to erupt in that beleaguered state again.'
  15. 'Keith Primeau is the No.2 center, unless newcomer Michal Handzus dislodges him.'
  16. 'It will be very hard to dislodge these amendments once they're in place.'
  17. 'Maximian, despite attempts including a lost naval battle in 289, could not immediately dislodge Carausius, who still held Boulogne in 293.'
  18. 'Chomsky quotes him describing the Vietcong as " a powerful force which cannot be dislodged from its constituency so long as the constituency continues to exist ".'
  19. 'It cannot matter whether the damage was unintentional or done by our artillery or aircraft to dislodge the enemy or by the enemy to dislodge our troops.'
  20. 'The enemy quickly overran most of the South Vietnamese position, but not even a furious 5-hour assault could dislodge the Americans.'

More definitions

1. to remove or force out of a particular place: to dislodge a stone with one's foot.

2. to drive out of a hiding place, a military position, etc. verb (used without object), dislodged, dislodging.

3. to go from a place of lodgment.

More examples(as adjective)

"refugees can be dislodging."

"sours can be dislodging."


(dislodge)Late Middle English: from Old French deslogier, from des- (expressing reversal) + logier ‘encamp’, from loge (see lodge).