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A flat, thin circular object.
  1. 'a man's body with an identity disc around the neck'
  2. 'On entering the cage the banksman gave each of us a metal disc that we would have to return to him at the end of our visit… to ensure none of the party were left underground.'
  3. 'Because the disc was made of metal they were unable to use the most accurate technique, carbon dating.'
  4. 'Exchanging them for tokens, she hurried back and pressed a metal disc into my palm, closing my fingers around it as though it were precious.'
  5. 'She typed them into a curious looking device, walked over to a huge machine that covered the whole face of the far wall, and inserted the flat disc into a slot.'
  6. 'But the very popularity of these inexpensive five-inch diameter discs made of metal, plastic and dye is taking a serious toll on the waste stream.'
  7. 'The first successful method for making clear, flat glass involved spinning a round disc of glass.'
  8. 'It may also be exchanged for wide variety of items whose purpose currently remain a mystery, although we do know that some of the most popular items are flat shiny discs.'
  9. 'Each person on the bridge has a metal disc with a number.'
  10. 'The bottle is capped with a two-piece closure, consisting of a metal disk with a plastic rim designed to protect the product without the addition of a liner.'
  11. 'This touch-sensitive work consists of a series of horn-like spikes protruding from two circular discs that are hung on a wall like a painting.'
  12. 'It is now understood that over 1000 documents were taken during the raids, that also included computer disks and other stored digital data.'
  13. 'They were then told that they could create their own three-dimensional sculptures or structures using our store of computer disks and CD-ROMs.'
  14. 'Lower priority data is stored deeper and deeper on the disk where data access rates are slower.'
  15. 'While computer hard and floppy drives and the disks they store data on are based on the physics of magnetism, optical drives and their discs are based on the physics of light, or optics.'
  16. 'The data-replication option enables data stored on the local disks of one system to be mirrored to another system.'
  17. 'Additionally, the original CD-ROM disks can be stored away where they won't get lost.'
  18. 'Much like a cache, the buffer is a data area between the requests being sent to the hard disk, and the data stored on the disk itself.'
  19. 'These paradigms combine the data longevity of tape with the fast, random access of disks.'
  20. 'As long as the virus is active on the computer, it can copy itself to other files or disks that are accessed.'
  21. 'Secondly, there is less data to travel through disks into computer memory and then to tape devices.'
  22. 'Too bad the bands on the disc couldn't have been as creative with their music as with the CD.'
  23. 'Don't get me wrong, there are excellent discs packed with time capsules and great music.'
  24. 'He has recorded two discs of Schubert's piano music and the Charlton recital is given in preparation of a third.'
  25. 'That said, these discs are packed with great songs.'
  26. 'The disc has a much more edgy, electronic sound that doesn't go over-the-top, but it does mix in elements that haven't existed on any of the band's previous discs.'
  27. 'These three songs appeared on the bonus disc that was added to the boxed set.'
  28. 'This disc marks the first appearance of material written under the wing of the record company.'
  29. 'The six discs are packed into three slip cases that all fit nicely into the cardboard box.'
  30. 'Both discs are packed to the rafters with music and as such deserve nothing less than a wholehearted recommendation.'
  31. 'Placido Domingo has released more than 100 recital discs, crossover albums and complete operas over his five-decade career.'
  32. 'The man represented by the Prince of Disks is a quiet and meditative man, who works with unfailing determination towards the goals he sets himself.'
  33. 'The name of each suit is printed at the bottom of pips and court cards (Queen of Discs, Four of Staves).'
An object or part resembling a disc in shape or appearance.
  1. 'As he stared at the bright, off-white disk, though, he was distracted by some small flashes of light, which started appearing just below the disk of the moon.'
  2. 'Since the cloud was rotating, its spherical shape flattened into a disc.'
  3. 'The once-in-a-lifetime event takes place when Venus passes through the disc of Sun and appears like a small spot moving slowly across the Sun when viewed from the Earth.'
  4. 'Great Horned Owls are large, powerful owls with prominent ear-tufts, prominent facial disks, and bold yellow eyes.'
  5. 'A graphic appeared on the screen next to the newswoman that was shaped like a flying disc.'
  6. 'The sword was spinning so fast that you could only see a green disc shape.'
  7. 'What strikes the human eye is the uniquely singular soaring roof, shaped like a slanted disc, which also appears to be in the form of the rising sun.'
  8. 'The disc glowed yellow and filled the room with plentiful light.'
  9. 'There was no contrail and the disc appeared to be at an altitude of 20 to 25 thousand feet.'
  10. 'Appearing as a black disc 30 times smaller than the sun's diameter, it will slowly move from left to right over the course of six hours.'
  11. 'he suffered a prolapsed disc'
  12. 'Towards the ends of the long bones there are specialized discs of cartilage (epiphyseal plates) stretching across the entire bone.'
  13. 'Even when you're just standing, the vertical alignment of your spinal column causes compressive forces on the rubbery disks that separate your vertebrae.'
  14. 'In this study a new experimental technique was used that allowed the measurement of cuticular transpiration of isolated plant cuticles and leaf discs.'
  15. 'Leaf discs from plants expressing aequorin were excised and incubated in thiols as described above.'
  16. 'This assumption is supported by studies in which cysteine was supplied to leaf discs of poplar plants.'

More definitions

1. a phonograph record.

2. disk (defs 1, 2, 4–9). verb (used with object)

3. Informal. to make (a recording) on a phonograph disc.

4. disk (defs 11, 12).

More examples(as adjective)

"preparations can be disced."


(disc)Mid 17th century (originally referring to the seemingly flat circular form of the sun or moon): from French disque or Latin discus (see discus).