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Pay out (money from a fund)
  1. 'However, it is still unclear when the administration intended to disburse the funds to the victims and who would be defined as a poor resident.'
  2. 'We hope that the government will disburse the money before that time,’ he said.'
  3. 'These individuals are able to disburse their funds quite easily.'
  4. 'The sub-district office disburses funds, which came from the taxation of stores and companies located in that district, to the committees.'
  5. 'Almost $1.5 million will have been paid out when the funds are completely disbursed.'
  6. 'He could establish or dissolve public institutions and he had the right to disburse public funds.'
  7. 'A huge amount of additional funds were also disbursed by the government to the bank to repay depositors amid massive runs.'
  8. 'Many a time mutual trust and goodwill have been lost due to dishonesty among some agents, organisations, individuals or even politicians entrusted with responsibilities to disburse such funds.'
  9. 'Six months after its launch the fund has no administrative structures and has disbursed no money.'
  10. 'Asked if he knew whether the funds were disbursed legally, he said he did not know, but asserted that the disbursement of the funds could be accounted for.'

More definitions

1. to pay out (money), especially for expenses; expend.

2. to distribute or scatter: Our troops were disbursed over a wide area. She disbursed the flowers to the children.

More examples(as adjective)

"moneys can be disbursing."

"aids can be disbursing."


(disburse)Mid 16th century: from Old French desbourser, from des- (expressing removal) + bourse ‘purse’.