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Speak disrespectfully to or criticize.
  1. 'a campaign of forum postings and emails dissing the company'
  2. 'It's bad enough that he's forced to preside over four days of the Queen's jubilee coverage, but then he's attacked by BBC viewers for dissing Her Majesty.'
  3. 'People should make an effort to learn more about it before they go dissing it, because there's lots of different kinds of feminism.'
  4. 'I really like science fiction, so rest assured, I wasn't dissing the genre.'
  5. 'And dissing Rupert into the bargain, calling him ‘a terrorist’ indeed, is not only beneath you, but libellous.'
  6. 'But Ray has slung an arrow through my heart by dissing Nick Cave.'
  7. 'I can't wait to get famous and have people start dissing me.'
  8. 'At first, she won't speak to him, mad that he dissed her in front of their captain.'
  9. 'You people need to stop dissing David Lee Roth and/or Van Halen.'
  10. 'It is about an older woman that kind of takes advantage of a younger guy and, you know, ends up dissing him at the end of the relationship.'
  11. 'So dissing your sis, poking fun of her or re-hashing your fights to everyone at the pool will most definitely backfire.'


Disrespectful talk.

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    1. lady; woman.

    2. female deity, especially one promoting fertility: often used as a suffix on names: Freydis; Hjordis; Thordis.

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    "tributors can be dis."

    "services can be dis."


    (dis)1980s: abbreviation of disrespect.