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(of a light, colour, or illuminated object) not shining brightly or clearly.
  1. 'In the dim halo of yellow light, she could see the dull haze of alcohol in his eyes.'
  2. 'The sun emitted dim rays of light and its reflection on the sea was moving constantly.'
  3. 'Soon the boy pulled her through a room that was lit with dim candlelight.'
  4. 'Debbie glanced out the window and saw dim sunshine shining through a window and a light drizzle outside.'
  5. 'The dim rays of light were shining through, just like before.'
  6. 'Somehow, the darkness revealed something, with only several dim lights shining in the night.'
  7. 'The dim gas lights glowed brightly in the corner of the large square.'
  8. 'The blade was sharp and around three inches in length, she could tell, as it shone in the dim moonlight.'
  9. 'Whispering my name, he pulled back again, face just inches from my own, eyes shining black in the dim light.'
  10. 'A few dim blue lights partially illuminated my instrument panel.'
  11. 'a dim figure in the dark kitchen'
  12. 'The dim figure of a young lady carrying large clothes boxes was making her way up the aisle and out.'
  13. 'She gazed down and suddenly one of the dim shapes moved, darting into a pool of light from the half moon to take the form of a man.'
  14. 'Then she began to make out dim shapes that in a few moments revealed themselves to be crates, tackle, ropes, barrels, and hooks.'
  15. 'She opened her eyes to look around the room she was in, but could only see dim shapes in the ghostly moonlight.'
  16. 'Then, turning back towards the dim shapes across the stream, ‘It's like that joke about looking into a nudist camp,’ he said.'
  17. 'There were two dim figures at his doorway, one short and one tall.'
  18. 'The dim contour betrayed a scythe hanging on two pegs near the ceiling, its handle parallel to the ground.'
  19. 'The dim figures faded into nothingness in the fog around them.'
  20. 'As usual, no lights were on, and all she could see were the dim silhouettes of his furniture.'
  21. 'He stared at the dim shapes of the knick-knacks on top of his dresser, the glowing red face of his alarm clock.'
  22. 'I pushed the drapes aside as I stepped back into the dim room and stood for a second, blinking.'
  23. 'The room was too dim to read anything written on the slab.'
  24. 'The room was dim and warmed by a crackling fire in the stone fireplace.'
  25. 'Slowly he opened his eyes to a dim room, his bedroom, in a quiet house.'
  26. 'The room was dim, with just a hint of fog to add to the allure.'
  27. 'The sun wasn't shining directly in through the windows, so it took her eyes a second to adjust to the dim room.'
  28. 'I scanned the room and found him speaking with a young woman in a dim corner of the ballroom.'
  29. 'A man hovers in a dim corner of the room, soundless, watchful.'
  30. 'Frescoes of demons and spirits writhe across the walls of its prayer halls, and the drone of absorbed monks fills dim rooms and corridors.'
  31. 'Instead, a strange blonde man slinked out of the shadows of the dim room.'
  32. 'his eyes became dim'
  33. 'Her chestnut eyes were dim with sleepiness as they came in contact with his live blue ones.'
  34. 'He thought of her, and the idea that anything could come between them made his eyes dim with tears.'
  35. 'the dim drone of their voices'
  36. 'Wilde did not have such specific prescience, but I wonder if he didn't overhear the dim roar of airborne death somewhere over the horizon.'
  37. 'There's a muffled noise, a dim rustling from inside the bin.'
  38. 'As I turned up the tap even higher, I could still make out Clark trying to say something to me over the dim roar.'
  39. 'The buzz of banter was a dim noise at the back of her mind.'
  40. 'My thinking was interrupted by dim sounds off in the distance.'
  41. 'And, almost like a miracle, the dim laughter subsided to the cool trickling of a nearby stream.'
Not clearly recalled or formulated in the mind.
  1. 'the matter was in the dim and distant past'
  2. 'I have in mind a dim memory of the Commissioner trying to grapple with this kind or problem.'
  3. 'And frankly the teacher/student aspect of it is basically a dim memory.'
  4. 'Slowly Tim's restaurant plan became a dim and distant memory.'
  5. 'I can also vaguely recall occasionally going to a club called Catacombs, but since I was off my face on snakebite and black, my memories are dim and distant.'
  6. 'All that weighed upon his mind suddenly grew dim and trivial.'
  7. 'There will be times when things are going so well that sadness seems like a dim memory, and then there will be those times when we long for God to intervene.'
  8. 'Those days, however, must seem a dim and distant memory.'
  9. 'While she always liked pop music, her closest connection to radio was a dim memory of her brother heading off to work as a pirate DJ when she was about five years old.'
  10. 'The place was only half full and it was still dark outside but it was way past bedtime on a Saturday night and midterms were just a dim, horrific memory.'
  11. 'My dim memories of biology seem to recall an animal classification system, whereby the entire natural world could be subdivided into various Phyla.'
  12. 'I am not involved with anyone special right now and the prospects are rather dim for a Valentine's Day date.'
  13. 'Local homeowners are resisting the attempts by the city to condemn their land, but their prospects are dim.'
  14. 'By the end of the nineteenth century, North America's indigenous wild turkey had dim prospects of survival.'
  15. 'But our chronically weak dollar is a clear sign that the global investment community thinks our economic prospects are dim.'
  16. 'It would have empowered me to be clueless too, instead of my holding on to the dim hope that things might work out.'
  17. 'He won't argue if you tell him the company's prospects are dim either.'
  18. 'He wasn't going to undersell himself again to a team with such dim prospects.'
  19. 'The bad news is that the prospects are dim for achieving this end without the resort to force over the coming years.'
  20. 'Maybe it's the dim hope that I'll meet someone new and interesting.'
  21. 'You just have to fight with everything you have, with no illusions about your dim hopes.'
Stupid or slow to understand.
  1. 'No less worrisome, therefore, is the fact that the networks that own so many of these stations are too dim to understand this fact.'
  2. 'Most of your run of the mill idiocy falls into a middle category somewhere between frightfully dim to downright dense.'
  3. 'It was generally accepted that he either wanted a nuclear war or was too dim to understand the consequences.'
  4. 'James is the somewhat dim young banker venerated by two Buddhist monks as a spiritual master.'
  5. 'She thought if she asked, she would sound somewhat dim.'
  6. 'Sure, she was a bit dim at times, but that was just ridiculous.'


Make or become less bright or distinct.
  1. no object 'the lights dimmed and the curtains parted'
  2. 'The light was really dimming now, and a bit of a breeze was blowing.'
  3. 'The light dims, though apparently through malfunctioning rather than any intended effect.'
  4. 'We barely sat down before the lights dimmed and the curtains drew back.'
  5. 'I had no idea where the sun was, and the light was dimming as we walked.'
  6. 'Great clouds of smoke and black fog constantly cover the sun, dimming its light.'
  7. 'The lights were not bright and were dimmed so as not to draw attention.'
  8. 'The roar began to ebb and the lights dimmed like dying suns, until everything was bathed in deep red shadows.'
  9. 'Without warning, the lights suddenly dimmed and began to go out.'
  10. 'The hall light dimmed, then abruptly got bright; I closed my eyes against the sharp pain that stabbed at my blurry eyes and shot through to my head.'
  11. 'But once the lights dimmed, it was an appreciative audience that clapped through the show including those who had been yawning because of the delay.'
  12. 'Its headlights dimmed down, shutting off, and the driver guided the vehicle ahead.'
  13. 'This year, it plans to introduce automatic dimming headlights.'
  14. 'Our headlights were dimming by themselves, and the car felt like it was held to the ground by a magnet and didn't want to move.'
  15. 'I can feel it already, the intensity dimming, control becoming easier as the box starts to close.'
  16. 'You've allowed the passage of time to dim the intensity of the moment and your rational faculty to devalue what is no longer integral to your life.'
  17. 'The costly maintenance of the Blue Highway also dims the its future prospects.'
  18. 'The shift, along with the higher costs of funds, is dimming industry prospects.'
  19. 'Has the recovery hit a wall, dimming prospects for sales, output, and jobs in the second half?'
  20. 'Consumer spending is key to domestic growth, but prospects are dimming.'
  21. 'The massive surge of loyalism that had helped to carry the country into war lost momentum as the prospects of a swift victory dimmed.'
  22. 'Despite a few minor victories, however, prospects for large increases are dimming.'
  23. 'But if the team is left out of next year's European championship prospects will be significantly dimmed.'
  24. 'This, together with expectations that the Irish housing market will peak this year, dims the prospects for earnings growth.'
  25. no object 'his eyes dimmed'
  26. 'Age had dimmed their sight and bent their frames.'
  27. 'His sight dimmed, and his hearing sharpened as his ears began to shift.'
  28. 'His vision is dimming with shock, but his mind struggles for awareness.'
  29. 'As his vision dimmed, he briefly wondered what his life was about.'
  30. 'A too habitual and free internal use of the herb dims the sight for some hours.'
  31. 'If one continues to look at it, one's sight becomes dazzled and dimmed, so it is preferable to look at its image in water and avoid a direct look at it, because the intensity of its rays is thereby reduced.'
  32. 'A sharp pain wiped away the fog that dimmed his sight, and he swung a vicious blow at a brown, handsome face.'


1. not bright; obscure from lack of light or emitted light: a dim room; a dim flashlight.

2. not seen clearly or in detail; indistinct: a dim object in the distance.

3. not clear to the mind; vague: a dim idea.

4. not brilliant; dull in luster: a dim color.

5. not clear or distinct to the senses; faint: a dim sound.

6. not seeing clearly: eyes dim with tears.

7. tending to be unfavorable; not likely to happen, succeed, be favorable, etc.: a di

More examples(as adjective)

"prognosises can be dim at moments."

"weeks can be dim in wakes."

"rooms can be dim with lights."

"prospects can be dim in senates."

"prospects can be dim for quantities."

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Old English dim, dimm, of Germanic origin; related to German dialect timmer.


take a dim view of